I need vacation advice regarding husband and child.?

I need vacation advice regarding husband and child.? Topic: I need vacation advice regarding husband and child.?
June 24, 2019 / By Spirit
Question: I don't want to take them with me...but I don't want to leave them home without supervision. Are there any of those kennel things like they have for your pets, where you can leave your spouses and children, so they won't get lonely or destroy your house while you're away? Thanks :o) For the record, I only give thumbs up for my answerers..so if there are thumbs down..please don't cry to your moms and blame me.
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Primula Primula | 10 days ago
Tell you what I need a break from my routine here so how about I pack a bag and provide supervision for you? I'll make sure your spouse and child are well taken care of but I won't spoil them hehehehehe you're husband will learn to cook as I don't do that anymore, and having been a 3rd grade teacher I can assure you that your son will get his homework done and accurately. Just think of it as that Nanny show and with me running away from my home, absence will make my hubby much more appreciative of what I do for him when I return. Of course you can return the favor at a future date with service to be determined. Sound like a plan? PS I'll make sure they'll appreciate you when you get back home. Believe me they'll be too busy to get lonely.
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I was very upset when My baby sister was born. She may be feeling a little misplaced being the middle child an all. You should dedicate some time alone with her and explain how ugly her behavior is, and ask her what she feels for her sister. You should try to watch exactly when and how the fighting begins maybe that will give you a clue of what Big sis is feeling. Also!!! teach baby sis to stand up for herself, otherwise this little bullying dilemma might follow her around! Does she get bullied at school? or has she or you been abused by someone at home? both of these are key!!! ask her if she feels unsafe at all and when does it happen? good luck!!

Mavreena Mavreena
They will eventually devolve to the hunter-gatherer state, which could be a problem if you live in a city. You may come home to find your goldfish have been cooked over a fire made by burning the sofa and your child running around naked and screaming like a chimpanzee while your husband picks lice out of his hair and eats them like some mountain gorilla. Hypothetically speaking, of course. This would take 14-37 hours to happen, depending on conditions.
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Lauraine Lauraine
yes it's called miss kitty litters husband and spouse nursery it is located at 21 dumb your stuff here rd THE DUMP 200001 they will be fed the top of the range cat food and be let into the play area for 2 hours a day to play with balls of wool. and for you my friend it comes at the cheap price of $1
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Jewell Jewell
haha, there's your million dollar idea , lol :) I think with all that you do for them ,they should be able to handle some time without out you and keep the pets and plants alive, house intact, etc...so just go and enjoy :-) and let them fend for themselves. They'll apprciate you all the more when you get back...
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Francine Francine
I would think you would trust your husband enough to watch your child. If not, leave them with a grandparent or trust worthy friend. Your husband can watch himself. Also, I'm astounded you even made a comment referring to putting a child in a cage (whether is was a joke or not), I don't even support kennel training for dogs. Shame on you.
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Darby Darby
Your husband should be fine if you just let him roam around the neighborhood eating out of everyone's trash and sleeping under their cars. Just make sure he doesn't have the key to the house so he can't mess it all up. Take your kid with you, who else is going to carry your luggage for you?
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Braidy Braidy
Oh I can take care of them for you... as long as you have a nice garden where to throw a party and you don't mind finding beer q-packs and remains of smoked cigars in your hedge.
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Albina Albina
I think you might just need to take a vaca and set everything up so you know they cant destroy stuff. Premake means or something. Have more faith in them!
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Trey Trey
sadly, no. However I can recommend a top notch, heavy duty human leash. Just tie them up in the backyard, but be sure to put out enough food for them
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Trey Originally Answered: Advice for a full time student and his wife with a child?
I know times are tough right now, because they were for my boyfriend and I when we first had my son. He is now three months old and we are still trying to get the hang of things. Although neither of us is in college, I do know that they have housing options for students with families. You should really look into that, especially if you are paying rent wherever you are staying at now. And yes, definitely look into student loans. It's not like you can get in trouble for not paying them right away. You have a lot of time to pay them off after he graduates. Good luck.

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