I want to be a script writer, How do I start?

I want to be a script writer, How do I start? Topic: I want to be a script writer, How do I start?
June 27, 2019 / By Adaline
Question: So I want to be a script writer of a animated comedy cartoon I made up(Something like family guy or south park) So I know how to draw, I can storyboard, I've wrote so many scripts, Like I wrote so many seasons and episodes, I live in The United Kingdom, Is it better moving to USA and starting my dream of a Cartoon writer or is it good staying London UK good ? That's my first question, Second qeustion is it hard to become this ? Seth Marfelane is the creator of family guy and his successful with like 100m dollars? So is it hard to become like him?Script writer of his cartoon?? that's my second question. My third question is Can I just stay in london and become a script writer but my script is based in USA Michigan Kalamazoo ?? So question. 1. Is it better to stay in London or USA To start my script carear. 2. Is it hard to become a script writer and a creator of a cartoon like Seth Macferance or Trey park and matt stone. 3. My script is based in USA MIchagan Kalamazoo but I would just like to stay in the UK london to do my script? Is that any problem, Will it work out well ?? Advice ? (SORRY ABOUT ALL MY SPELLING MISTAKES, IM ON MY PHONE) Peace Everyone Bless :)x I'm 16 btw
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Taegan Taegan | 1 day ago
Hi! I'm a scriptwriter with two local theatre productions, so I might be able to help you out here. I do a lot of comedy writing in our pieces. At sixteen, all you really need to do is just get your foot in the door. You have almost zero chance of having your cartoon picked up at this age, considering you have no credentials. Script-writing can be a lot harsher than novel writing in that sense. Credentials are very, very important - because these people will be investing a lot of money in you if you *do* get picked up. Start getting your name out there. That's what I did. For me, script-writing isn't actually my dream - I prefer novel-writing - but being part of a creative team for a gangshow gives me experience in another sort of storytelling. I got my foot in the door by joining the cast of this show first up, making my way up to a senior cast member, then working on writing short joke skits for the second half of the show. Eventually the director asked me to help with the body of the show. You gotta start small, and work your way up. I think theatre would be a good place to start for you, considering that it's still relevant to what you want to do. Like I said, at sixteen, you need to be building your experience and adding some body to your resume.
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Taegan Originally Answered: Can I start from nothing and become a great screenplay writer?
Absolutely! Writing is hard work, and it takes a lot of time. I write novels rather than screenplays, but, on many levels, writing is writing. Just as with driving or sewing, learning to be a good writer takes instruction and practice. That instruction needn't come from a classroom if you don't want it to. There are literally hundreds of books out there teaching creative writing craft, many of which focus specifically on screenplays. Then there's the internet. Writer's Digest is a good source. Some authors publish tips on their blogs. The #1 most important resource is simply reading the kind of thing that you want to write. Read what other people do. Don't copy their context, but learn from their style. Combine many different writer's style based on what feels right to you as you go. And if that doesn't work, you can always take a class or two. I've been writing for sixteen years now, but I remember what it was like when I first started to wonder if there was any chance that I could become a serious writer. Good luck.

Peers Peers
1. I would be better to stay in London moving to USA does not going to make much difference so I would say stay where you want and where mind gets good idea about writing your script. 2. Its not that hard to become a good script writer it need work it must be passion and of course it will take time... I am sure you can be like Macferance or Park. 3. Na you can stay in UK just collect as much info you want from different sources and use every cells of brain and info to create a new story and new world and ROCK....... :) And the most important thing just start to make contact with Publishers that will be good for you if start this now.....
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Louis Louis
When you decide to write a real question on a real machine, let me know. All of your errors are very distracting. I hope you spell check your scripts first.
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Jaylon Jaylon
Sorry doesn't feed the bulldog! You send crap like the above to anybody and it's tossed immediately. Successful people in writing aren't your mommy and we don't waste time on crap.
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Jaylon Originally Answered: As a writer - or, in my case, a ' wannabe ' writer - how often should I write in order to maintain my ' edge '?
How are you Roll? Well first, I wanna start by saying everyone has their opinions on how often you should write. Emily Dickinson wrote plenty of poems monthly, yet Frost said he wrote his yearly. But actually, it mostly depends on your skills and how often you write in General. Emily Dickinson was only a poet, but Frost was an editor. So their skills and habits were different. The thing is, we have this thing called "neuroplacticity" . Its said that if we practice something, after a while, our brain will get use to it and, instead of struggling with everything you write, you can easily create masterpieces in a single sitting So, i guess the question is, how good do you want to be? If you want write with ease on any occasion, write everyday. If you could care less how much you struggle, write as often as you want. As far as content, well, thats another subject. All the best to you.

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