I want to be driven. Is my plan fallible? I'm 15 now?

I want to be driven. Is my plan fallible? I'm 15 now? Topic: I want to be driven. Is my plan fallible? I'm 15 now?
June 27, 2019 / By Abby
Question: I want to be driven. I want to get a job when i turn 16. I am going to use the money to invest in some stocks and pay for school supplies when i attend college. I dont plan on buying a car because insurance, car payments, and gas can only get worse and will cost me some money I when i get a job will buy a membership to the YMCA and exercise my body and be active almost everyday or every other day, i will study my highschool material and my grades will rise (they have no option...bich. lol just foolun wit ya) but anyways, I plan to become a great worker when getting a job at 16 and am already looking in to business management and investmen etc. I plan to own realestate in college when age permits and learn so that i can expand it and maybe start my own realestate name. Thinking about getting capital and taking the risk of starting an expensive lakeside kindof thing, owning all the houses With money, i will attend college, attempting my Ph.D. And plan escalate in Corporate America
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Steph Steph | 8 days ago
It's good in theory...but you can't plan out your life with so many variables. You're also not allowing for failure, which is a vital part of succeeding believe it or not. Owning real estate in college will be of the utmost difficulty...how will you juggle all these expenses? This is assuming you choose the right stocks...but what if one plummets drastically? What if you have a family emergency and have to invest money with a family members surgery? There are too many things at risk. It's good to have goals, but they have to be small and definitely feasable. One step at a time, one step at a time.
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Steph Originally Answered: What was Bill Clinton's plan and the Democratic Party's plan to create Jobs in 1992 ? Im asking how do Democra?
I thought I answered this. They raised taxes, thus reducing the deficit (and interest rates) and freeing capital to fund economic expansion instead of being soaked up for debt service.
Steph Originally Answered: What was Bill Clinton's plan and the Democratic Party's plan to create Jobs in 1992 ? Im asking how do Democra?
They way I remember it, that wasn't their focus. Remember, for his first term, Clinton was elected for two reasons: the unpopularity of Bush's tax increases and the presence of Ross Perot's third Party candidacy. After he was elected, Clinton had a Democratic Congress and one of their first orders of business was to increase taxes. At the next election, the Republicans took over the House for the first time in 40 years. The unemployment rate was 5.5%. The focus of the Clinton administration was "Hillarycare" not job growth. Democrats are traditionally not big on private sector job growth or Defense. Their focus tends to be on public sector job growth, entitlement increases and Defense cuts. It is important to remember that Bill Clinton was governing without a mandate. It is pretty much understood he only succeeded in getting elected due to the strength of Perot's third party candidacy. Remember, Clinton never got to 50% of the popular vote. This is the problem with third parties. Most people voted against Clinton but he won anyway. Third Parties only cause the will of the majority to be thwarted. *

Paddy Paddy
YMCA memberships are more expensive than health clubs and you don't need a PhD or even an MBA to scale corporateAmerica - you also can't invest in stocks until you're 18
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Lex Lex
THAT'S THE ATTITUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT its one thing to say it. It's STILL ANOTHER TO DO IT! You have LOTS of folks - your family, teachers and mentors and those on Y! A who - with the right answers to your Qs AND you putting your best foot forward - can help to lead you in the right direction. BUT we can only point you in the right direction. Its up to you to get things done! I'm proud of the things you wrote. You need more guidance, but you are going to get guidance. LOTS of it! One of the many things I was taught is to say "I AM . . . " &&& "I HAVE . . . " You have to "trick your mind" into believing you already have those things you need, want and desire. TRUE STORY: When I was about 8, 9 or 10, I wished for something or I wished I could do something or I wished one of my terrific aunts would come home so we could do something. I said my "wish" loud enough for my wonderful Grandmom to hear. She stopped what she was doing (making bread, I think), took-off her apron and washed her hands. In a very sweet, matronly way, she took me by the hand and led me to the living room. Grandmom sat in Grandpop’s chair and pulled me very close. As though she was telling me a secret, she said softly, “I’m going to tell you two things I think are important enough for you to know. Number 1, I love you. No matter what you say or what you do, I‘ll always love you.” I was playing with my hands, looking down at them. I glanced up and looked at her smiling face. I said, “I love you too, Grandmom.” She said, “Yes, I know that. And number 2: Wish in one hand and pee in the other - then see which one gets filled first!” We hugged. She hugged me a lot harder than I hugged her. She went to the kitchen. I continued whatever I wasn’t doing. EDIT: Don't let any one tell you what you "can't do". When you put your mind and talent to it, you can do any thing you want! Thanks for making those comments. I'm proud of you! VTY, Ron Berue Yes, that is my real last name!
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Lex Originally Answered: How does the GOP plan to reduce the price of premiums in their health care plan?
Several years ago, Auto Insurance was almost impossible to get in the state of New Jersey - there were very few companies selling the insurance here because of strict state regulations. Then, in 2003, the regulations were lifted and low-cost competitors began doing business in the state. Today, there is very healthy competition among these companies, and rather than offering poor or limited coverage because of under-regulation, these companies are competing with better coverage, better service and lower premiums. For example, I have Geico insurance, which gives me a break on my premium because I am college educated and have a good credit rating. Some people think this is unfair, but these people can get an equally inexpensive policy based on other factors - age, for example, or driving record. It's a wide open market. There is no reason to believe this cannot happen with health insurance. People are afraid that, by eliminating state regulations, insurers will feel free to offer less coverage, bad coverage - they do not believe in competition and think that only Government Regulation will keep these companies in line. Many of us believe that this increased competition will spur the insurers to INCREASE the quality and service, and DECREASE the premiums, so they can compete in the marketplace. There are other ideas in addition to the state regulations and the tort reform Right now the insurance market is backward - giving tax breaks to corporations who offer health insurance to individiuals, but those who have to purchase insurance on their own are taxed heavily. This is unfair and it is skewed. The tax breaks should go to the individuals, and will, under the Republican plan. Republicans also propose offering "Health Savings Accounts" to people who work for companies who can sponsor them. Like a 401-K or a 521 College Plan, this allows an employee to set aside TAX-FREE dollars (that can be matched by the company) into an account which, if used for healthcare expenses, remains tax free. As these accounts grow to $5,000 or $10,000 over the years, employees can then change their insurance to lower-cost, higher deductible plans otherwise known as "catastrophic" plans. This will accomplish a few things - most importantly placing a direct connection between the consumer and the doctor. Doctors charge what they do now for a few reasons - one is because, like mechanics, they are told what is "reasonable and customary" for specific procedures; another is because they have to practice "defensive medicine" to build a file showing they did everything that a lawyer can think of if they get sued, but a major thing is that the consumers have no connection to the actual fees. If you know how much your doctor is charging and you are spending your own money from your health-savings account, a doctor will be willing to work with you on that amount. All of these proposals have two HUGE benefits over the Democrat plan. The first is they can be implemented right away, at almost no cost to the taxpayer (The Democrat plan will begin taxing us immediately, but most of the provisions will not take effect until 2012). The second is that the proposals are simple,elegant and do not involve trillions of dollars and increased bureaucracy. We could conceivably implement every one of them before the end of the year, and if they don't work, well, we wouldn't have to undo too terribly much. In my opinion, the major weakness in the Democratic plan is that there is way, way too much government involvement. The government has never been able to run a bureaucracy of this size efficiently - Medicare is bankrupt and riddled with corruption, Social Security is bankrupt and riddled with corruption, the VA health plan is riddled with red-tape and bureaucracy, the Post Office is bankrupt - the list goes on and on. Just look at the way they are infighting about this bill - the bribery, the strong-arm tactics,the "Chicago Way" - and then project that into the future - these are the same people who will be running the show if this bill passes. They have yet to show me that they are even remotely capable.

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