If he really wants me to.?

If he really wants me to.? Topic: If he really wants me to.?
June 19, 2019 / By Sparrow
Question: He really wants me to go to a party with him he always starts facebook convos with me he helps with homework has given me a nickname takes the mick in a nice way he gave me his phone number so i could tell him how i got on in an exam sent me a song that he thought i might like. Also he's determined to get me to go to a party later this month, like my excuse was that there were no girls i know going, so now he's found a girl thats going that i knowand stuff, just so i go to it Soooo does he like me??? Also some tips to show subtly that I like him aswell, lke everyone say flirt, but how? Help!!
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Praise Praise | 8 days ago
he is crazy into u! tips on flirting are get close to him always smile at him and just be out there. he obviously likes you for who you are so just keep being yourself and don't go over the top with flirting because then he may feel different about you. he def. likes you though.
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Maurine Maurine
Yes he likes you. Non-intrusive touching. Like touching his back for a moment as you walk past or touch his shoulder as you are talking to him, but if he pulls away, don't do it again. Make sure to smile while making eye contact. Maybe if he says he like some band that you like also, you can say back well theres another thing we have in common. By saying that you are pointing out that you notice that the two of you are compatible. There is nothing wrong with tell him that you are interested.
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Laudine Laudine
No, Thats NOT flirting in his case. You don't find guys like that often. He DOES like you a lot. .He wants togo to a party with you to be with you. .He allways wants to talk to you. .He cares .He gave you his phone number so you can talk more besides facebook .He sent you the song because that song represented you in his eyes. To tell him you like him just non stop flirt. Call him nicknames and just make him smile!
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Jetta Jetta
Of course he likes you! What does he have to do to show it more? Why be subtle telling him you like him? Tell him you would be honored to go to the party, but announce your "drop-dead" time you will have to be home. Tell him you will go to the party (assume he will be driving?) ONLY if he do not drink. Tell him you like him, right out. It will shock him silly, but if he is mature enough, he will be impressed, and turned on. Good luck
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