if muslim women were allowed to ride horses and camels what makes Saudi Arabia ban them from driving?

if muslim women were allowed to ride horses and camels what makes Saudi Arabia ban them from driving? Topic: if muslim women were allowed to ride horses and camels what makes Saudi Arabia ban them from driving?
June 24, 2019 / By Tameka
Question: it is not religion is it? it is the hypocrisy culture? am i right during Muhammad Peace Be Upon him time; they rode camels and horses and they went out of the house as long as the husband knows where she is. if i am wrong please correct me especially muslim brothers to the user AKT: Who the hell am I you say? I am a muslim by choice and you are most likely a born muslim who most likely became a muslim because of your parents and the people you live with and let me tell you something sir; you should do your homework on hadtihs: “The best women who ride camels are the women of Quraysh.” You don't know about your own religion and you tell me who am I? That is nice, but since I gave you proof you are probably to shameless, arrogant, and stubborn to admit your mistakes like kafirs that was beaten by Islamic heroes and will most likely have no answer for me back. Thanks for your comment.
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Rexana Rexana | 5 days ago
Oh get over it! It is a status symbol to drive a car, women have not been allowed to progress to that level. Even outside of population areas where one would see people riding on animals, the men always are on horses and the women and children are on donkeys. The men are just not going to allow women to drive because that will enable them to leave and look for a more compassionate husband.
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1. I strongly agree on this. My wife gives some private tuition for O/Ls and A/Ls, and she always point at the pupils to understand and NOT memories. You wouldn't believe, the kids don't even know the basics. They have simply memorized in school and then they forget. We never studied memorizing, we always tried to understand how everything works. So when she teaches she teach all the kids from scratch, marsha allah they all passed with A's. I think it is fault of the teachers entirely, they simply don't know how to teach. 2. Well, while you are in school you should continuously study, there are smart ways of studying. But in the mean time don't ruin your childhood by just studying. It will not come again, have some fun as well. My Advice, don't wait for the last minute to study, take some previous test papers and go through. I believe, the you kids are smart, but you don't know how to write the answers properly. I think this should be though in schools. 3. Well, believe me, the schools here want to pass everybody and keep every body happy. 4. Agree. 5. Agree. International schools are always better, not only sanitation wise, but also I think better teaches and administration. But then again, there are some international schools which suck big time. I have never gone to a saudi school, but i have gone to a government school, once in my life time when I was quite young and for a very short while. But I have attended all International schools through out till I was in university.

Mikki Mikki
Saudi Arabia is a embarrassment to most Muslims in the world today. Hell Saudis are an embarrassment to Islam. You are actually right, in the past women did ride camel, horses, donkeys, etc. They were a form of transportation and today the form of transportation is cars, bikes, etc. Saudis denying their women from driving are denying women of their GOD GIVEN rights but that's not really surprising because the majority of Saudis are brainwashed with that bullsh!t wahhabi doctrine. Another hypocrite move: Saudis have a king when the prophet Muhammud said that all men are created equal and that Muslims shouldn't bow down to anyone other than than God. God how the jokes keep writing themselves.
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Liana Liana
I think people who have not actually experienced living in Saudi should be a bit more careful than to start calling Saudis "hypocrite" or things like that , as from some Saudi people's view (even though we don't agree with it), they have actually valid reasons not to want women to drive ; this includes some Saudi women also not just the men who say this. You will find plenty of Saudi women go to other countries and drive but will refuse to do so in Saudi itself as not only it is socially/culturally not acceptable (notice I said socially etc not religiously), but also legally speaking the Saudi law does not have provisions to issue drivers licenses to women. There is no women police & male policemen aren't allowed to touch women so it is like the chicken and egg question. Some women of course in Saudi want to change this but they are in the small minority. The government makes laws based on majority not the minority. Also based on who is more influential from the royal family perspective. You are not talking about a democratic government where things are one party or the other , its more complicated to understand those factors in Saudi society. It is also not the tribal issue it is more of the local culture in Saudi itself , as for example Kuwaitis pretty much are from same tribal background as Saudis but there is no such driving ban in Kuwait. In fact a lot of laws are different between the 2 countries. Just to simplify this for an outsider without delving into details, the reason for the ban is more due to cultural or social norms of Saudi Arabia rather than being religious related ; even if you hear some ignorant Saudis trying to justify it religiously , those claims don't have any real basis from scholars view.
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Julianne Julianne
I really don't get it when FOREIGNERS want make decisions for us. If the majority of Saudi citizens doesn't want women to drive, who the hell are you to tell us your opinion. Women will NOT drive in Saudi Arabia PERIOD.
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>>I am allowed to visit Medina because I'm technically considered a Muslim being that my grandfather was born one. I'd also be travelling with a male, Muslim, Saudi Arabian citizen and from what I've researched we won't run into any problems entering Medina.<< You simply can't enter Mecca/Medina without an affidavit stating you are a Muslim (i.e. converted or born one) . Ignore whatever that Saudi told you , he can't do that. But you (i.e. a male) can drive past Mecca to Jeddah or outer roads , but not technically enter Mecca. Also didn't you just say : " I am a Roman Catholic (my grandfather converted to Catholicism when he married my grandmother ..." ... then, how is grandpa a Muslim if he converted ... moved to US at 5 years old? this is a joke right! Even so, whatever religion your grandpa was is of no consequence. >>I can tell that Saudi Arabian culture is STRICTLY based on Sharia law. << Not really , many things are of course, but many other things in Saudi culture are simply "cultural" and got nothing to do with Islamic law strictly speaking. More accurately many things in Saudi conform to "royal family" laws or things like ban on women driving which is commonly blamed on Sharia has nothing to do with Sharia law , it is just a social stigma compounded by "yes-men" around royals who wish to keep the social & political state as is for their own benefit.. Hijab means scarf around hair , while Niqab is face covering cloth For net & Mac cables you can get all that stuff from places like Jarir , Tamimi, Panda , Carrefour etc. Whatever things you can't find in malls or big stores may be found in small shops at various markets. Mainly the websites they censor are those containing pornography, anti-Islamic / hate stuff, and of course anti-royal family websites. Regular news & social media websites are not censored. Israeli websites may be blocked though. EDIT It seems you have been lying to everyone here ,here you say your father could be eligible for Isreali citizenship? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?...

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