If U owned a Business N the Govt gave U a Tax cut would you hire more Employees even when demand is slow?

If U owned a Business N the Govt gave U a Tax cut would you hire more Employees even when demand is slow? Topic: If U owned a Business N the Govt gave U a Tax cut would you hire more Employees even when demand is slow?
June 19, 2019 / By Xara
Question: If yes why???? What would the new employee do while you have lil or no customers??? Isn't it true that only when Demand is high do Business owners hire employees to meet that demand??? Since it would be a waste of money to hire someone when business is slow. “If I get a $4,000 benefit for hiring you and I pay you $80,000 and you’re going to sit at your desk and do nothing because there’s nothing to do,” said Marty Regalia, chief economist of the United States Chamber of Commerce, “then the businesses aren’t going to hire you.” " many employers dismissed the notion that any particular tax break or incentive would be persuasive. Instead, they said they tended to hire more workers or expand when the economy improved." "Companies are focused on jittery consumer confidence, an unstable stock market, perceived obstacles to business expansion like government regulation and, ABOVE ALL, swings in DEMAND for their products." "“You still need to have the business need to hire,” said Jeffery Braverman, owner of Nutsonline, an e-commerce company in Cranford, N.J., that sells nuts and dried fruit. While a $4,000 credit could offset the cost of the company’s lowest-cost health insurance plan, he said, it would not spur him to hire someone. “Business DEMAND is what drives hiring,” he said." Tax cuts don't create jobs.......Demand does.... http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/10/busine...
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Best Answers: If U owned a Business N the Govt gave U a Tax cut would you hire more Employees even when demand is slow?

Shaye Shaye | 1 day ago
you and the NY Times misunderstand business expansion ... business people frequently have ideas that might work -- but they don't know if they will work. So what they do is pencil out the likely costs and returns, including cost of money and capital, etc. Then they prepare an ROI analysis [or similar -- calculating the possible return on invested capital over time] -- BEFORE deciding to go ahead or not. lower taxes means the possible profit on this possible investment idea will be higher and therefore the possible ROI will be higher. higher possible ROI means the business is more likely to do it -- and therefore more likely to create added jobs. demand [probable sales in the economy] doesn't have to change at all -- if possible ROI goes up, investment will also go up and so will employment. in a normal recovery, the jobs effect of increased business investment is usually three to seven times the size of the jobs effect from increased government spending. And, business investment uses money that the taxpayers don't have to pay back sometime in the future, thus getting a lot bigger result for the same size policy change.
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Pat Pat
Tax cuts do not cause businesses to hire, an increase in demand for products causes businesses to hire more employees.
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Marge Marge
On the other hand, if I owned a business and the govt came along and said I now have to pay more taxes on the same amount of income, I would probably have to let someone go or give employees less hours. I sure as hell wouldn't hire someone else
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Kit Kit
I would use the tax cut to lower my prices and invest in advertising to increase demand for my product. The problem with the argument that you have put forth is you seem to forget that demand with out money results in demand going unmet. I could support going back to the Clinton tax rates- provided that you cut the budget to what the Clinton era budget was in terms of GDP so that we could start paying on the debt- and free up that money to go into the private sector.
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Jaqualina Jaqualina
I could stay in business during times when the demand is slow, and continue to hire the people who are already on my payroll
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