if you don't get any sleep?

if you don't get any sleep? Topic: if you don't get any sleep?
June 24, 2019 / By Zella
Question: what happens if you don't get any sleep? my friend has not been sleeping at all. she is stressed out, and so she can't sleep, instead she stays up all night doing homework. she just cant fall asleep. at school she has been very irritable, just random mood swings, her face is pale, she can hardly stand up sometimes. she is so out of it, and you can just tell by looking at her. she hasn't slept at all for three days. what will happen to her if she doesnt start making herself sleep. will she eventually pass out from exhaustion or what? are the mood swings, pale face, hardly able to stand up normal when you dont get enough sleep. im worried about her, shes way too stressed, and i think some of our teachers are noticing her behavior also. wow i didnt know it could be that dangerous, i mean i knew it was bad, but i dont want her passing out from exhaustion or anything. i have tried telling her several times to sleep, but she says that she can't and doesnt have time for sleep. i think im going to tell her parents. she has been drinking some mountain dew as a far as caffeine goes. she's not the healthiest eater either.
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Shelley Shelley | 6 days ago
She is so fortunate to have you as her friend. At this point, she is so far in over her head that getting out is slim. She needs help...she needs direction from her doctor...she may need your help setting this up. She needs a counselor...try the school counselors now... Take care of yourself and remember...this is her problem, you can not fix her, she needs professional help....find that line between you and her and be careful not to take on her emotions, energy, etc....sounds like you are doing that, just sometimes when a friend is not well and we are in the helper position...it might creep up into our lives and make us sick as well.... you are compassionate and kind to be a friend for her. Sounds kind of funny coming from me however, thank-you for doing that...it makes for a better world for all of us. CC
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Shelley Originally Answered: effects of getting no sleep or a few hours a night sleep for 10 years?
No, it wouldn't make you mentally ill. But it could impare your judgment and make you act funky. I know because I've been a chronic insomniac for as long as I can remember. When I was in grade school, I would wait and do my homework at 4AM because I couldn't sleep, it was quiet and no one would bother me. I went for a sleep study and got completely wrong results. I've been taking melatonin and extra calcium for almost a year to see if it would help me sleep better. Sometimes it works. Most of the time it doesn't. I think some people just can't sleep for whatever reason.

Peace Peace
I can tell you this, her brain will eventually fall asleep and she will crash. Could be in a few hours. Make her get into bed and rest and its possible that she'll sleep the day. She is gonna have to channel her stress in another way. As far as homework she is gonna have to do one thing at a time and if classes are too much she may need to drop her most stressful one or change professors if shes in college. Tell her parents you're worried for her safety at this point. She is running her body down and no this is not healthy.
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Marilene Marilene
tell her to do some relaxation and meditation. There's plenty of books about it in your local library (and maybe your school library too). Works everytime for me. Also, try Bash flower remedies (there's website, so you can know what is best, then buyfrom your local health shop), it's 100% natural. Doctor may help, or school nurse, but she may not want her parents to know.
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Krissy Krissy
Tell her to relax. She has to meditate and drink some hot green tea. That will help her. Try massaging her so she can release the stress.
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Jayme Jayme
she should really go to the doctor"s. it sounds like she has insomnia. your body recharges itself while you are sleeping so no sleep means that your body isnt healing from each day, so she will get more and more broken down. and she probably will pass out if she continues to not sleep. again she should go to the doctors and see what is stopping her from sleeping, and to see if she can get prescribed any medicine if it doesnt get better.
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Jayme Originally Answered: How much sleep do I ACTUALLY need?
Your falling asleep in class. What do you think? 4-6 hours is not enough. You should be getting around 8 hours of sleep. You need to cut back on something. Tell your parents you need more sleep. Make then try your sleeping schedule for a couple weeks. I'm sure they get more sleep then you are.

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