im 13 years old in the philippines i need to have money just to buy a PSP?

im 13 years old in the philippines i need to have money just to buy a PSP? Topic: im 13 years old in the philippines i need to have money just to buy a PSP?
June 26, 2019 / By Aldin
Question: i need money just to buy a psp i have P1400 and i need to buy a psp till the february ends...what job suits me??
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Best Answers: im 13 years old in the philippines i need to have money just to buy a PSP?

Sylvia Sylvia | 2 days ago
take advantage of the christmas season to come. double time sa pamamasko. search and research as early as today the possible hideouts of your ninongs and ninangs. anticipate na pagtataguan ka, so, do your homework. it's not too late para sumipsip kay santa... pakabait ka. malay mo mabola mo pa si santa. good luck! btw, you can raise funds also during the halloween. you do a "trick or cash" in your neighborhood.
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Sylvia Originally Answered: Should I go to Philippines to become a nurse?
I am not as against it as everyone else seems to be. You are already canadian right? Philippine nursing schools are amounst the best in the world. I would just double check with your local Health Authority to make sure your training will be recognized in canada - which it most likely will. A concern would be a wait list for nursing programs. It is really the best way for Filipinas to get out of the country. so just do your homework. Filipina nurses are recognized worldwide. You may need a year or so additional training in Canada but that is up to you. If you are already Canadian, then you won't have the visa complications under the Live in Caregiver program - you just come back home. It would be better if you have relatives in the PH and understand Tagalog. If you are looking for an adventure, then this is as good a reason as any. I have a feeling that the education part is secondary. You know, you can always give it a try and if you don't like it there - come back home. Itches need to be scratched - or at least researched to find the correct ointment. Best of luck. Ingat!!!

Rebeckah Rebeckah
What is a 13 yr. old child like you doing in this site? Don't you know that you're risking your life in some pedophiles that are lurking in the internet? Forget your psp, save your money and study harder. PSP will come and go but knowledge will stick with you until the day you die.
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Meryl Meryl
aaawww! what a responsible child...earning her (or his) own money at such a young age... are your grades good though? will the PSP be a motivation for you to study harder or a distraction? I sure hope the 1st one...! first and foremost, SAVE YOUR ALLOWANCE! put in P50 a day in the pot...I just dunno how much allowance you have in a day...anyways... You know how to type? typing job would be great for you. I had classmates in some posh exclusive school who were uber lazy and typing just wasn't their thing (thang as they said it)...look for those hapless victims... Or strike a deal with mum and dad, if you clean the house or take care of the sibs, err... wash the dishes maybe? they should reward you :o) my brothers and I used to draw&paint for other kids... well of course there was no photoshop then... once while on vacation we also posed as locals in a tourist destination and carried bags for tourists! lol we sure had fun too! kids... sell ice candy... sell it 5bucks a piece... if it melts due to the searing Manila heat turn it into a lemonade stand! now sell it 5bucks a cup... don't gamble, you wouldn't win... what else... oh... Pray for it! if you're not Catholic/Christian... HOPE for it! if you really really want it... it SHALL come to you!
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Lettice Lettice
Ask around whether any jobs for minors like you. Maybe work in a sari sari store or sell barbeque or such? Baby sitting is ok but don't think relatives will pay much ya. Happy searching and good luck to yr psp.
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Joyce Joyce
Buying PSP is not a good investment for a 13 year old. Buy an educational book & study instead. c",)
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Joyce Originally Answered: Business Philippines?
it depends whats on your idea,what degree did you finish,what is your skills are you good in cooking,fashion or if your close to school you can have a bookstore,if im planning a bussiness in QC i will put a sport shop like foot locker,modells,champ's,footaction,sportc... or a mountain or camping equipment shop.and by the way how big is your budget??

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