I'm a teen and im fat, Could life get any easier? :(?

I'm a teen and im fat, Could life get any easier? :(? Topic: I'm a teen and im fat, Could life get any easier? :(?
June 24, 2019 / By Abott
Question: So.., I'm 5'6 and 215 pounds >.> Yeah, I know I am morbidly obese and I don't like it. I want to change this about myself. I tried walking everyday but I got too busy when school came up :( I have gym next semester and I don't want to be a fat *** trying to do what the teacher wants me too, I eat healthy and keep it small and simple (except lately because it was my birthday, but I know... No excuses) but my problem Is the exercising. fml. I know I should make time or being fat will be passed down to my kids when im 40 eating cake at 12pm at night. Sometimes my weight makes me depressed and I think it's the reason a guy has never liked me. (personally, I think my personality is good) I'm very self conscious and would like to know If there are any good weight loosing independent sports? i've stopped walking cause these guys I've never met in my life randomly called me 'Fatty' or something around that while i'm walking (this happened a few times, once with my brother and once with a friend. Other times I a.) :( so... Could you please help!?
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Sommer Sommer | 1 day ago
i find that if you sneak in exercises they really help. for example, while waiting for something to microwave or while singing idk anything, do the following: -reach down and touch your toes and hold it---FEEL THE BURN! haha - lounge to the left and hold, now to the right and hold - pull up on leg and hold to your but, now the other. -go up and down on your toes! This stuff is simple but its been toning my legs rather quickly and thats a good start! add in some stretches for your arms (hold elbows behind your head) and your waist(twist to each side and hold). Of course this alone may take some time and I take it that you want fast results. Well I'm no expert but I suggest that you maybe get a treadmill or olyptical(no idea how to spell that) if you're self-conscious walking. Do at least 30 minutes a day and you can always split it up if you have homework to do. Crunches work really well too. PUSH YOURSELF! Eat plenty of fiber because it uhh helps you poop and cleans out your digestive tract lol and avoid sugary drinks like gatorade. Drink water and natural fruit drinks and eat fruit bars as snacks! don't completely avoid things you love and dont starve yourself. Studies show that you gain more weight by not eating properly so just eat in moderation. I hope that this helps! Oh and most importantly, remind yourself of your goal everyday and keep telling yourself you're beautiful because i bet you're an amazing person:) good luck!
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Pollyanna Pollyanna
Omg girl. I am 16 years old 5'7 and 245, Dont worry about the boy thing i used to think that too and my friends would always tell me, that a boy would come around and it did. Like about a month ago a friend told me he liked me. And now were almost like BF and Gf... Lol and he isnt even FAT! he is skinny! lol Thoose jerks!If i were you i would of called them fags with no lives. But dont feel bad. Fat is pretty too! lolJust exercise a little each day :DD
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Maude Maude
I'm in the same boat as you, people say "oh ur not fat" but I think I'm heavy so yeah. The whole boy thing youre worried about, don't. Its the confidence issue not that you are big most likely. Or all the guys you know are incredibly shallow and aren't worth it anyways.
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