I"m Confused between Comparison essay and Contrast Essay. help?

I"m Confused between Comparison essay and Contrast Essay. help? Topic: I"m Confused between Comparison essay and Contrast Essay. help?
June 18, 2019 / By Alanis
Question: We have two options one is comparison the other is contrast. Okay so I chose to write a comparison essay but i'm so confused. I don't understand the difference between comparison and contrast...they all seem the same to me. Can someone tell me what comparison essay should be about so I can do this essay right? Okay so I found similarites on my topics but they also have differences. So this means I should only talk about similarities only??
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Travis Travis | 3 days ago
Comparisons tell how the things are alike. Contrasts tell how they are different. For your comparison essay, try to find as many different things about what you are comparing to be alike. For a Contrast essay, try to find as many things about your items that are different
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Travis Originally Answered: Comparison and Contrasting Essay/Paper?
Do your homework before Saturday night!!!! and e-mail your teacher and ask him/her for ideas!!! Yahoo Answers is not a good place!!!!!!! Trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rees Rees
Comparison is when you look for things that are the same or common between 2 or more things Contrast is when you analyze and point out the key differences between two or more things. answer mine please? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AgCO4Lsbh0TDmM47R9SjxT7sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081005134218AArhvfL
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Maximilian Maximilian
Hi sweetgir... Contrast between two things involves a comparison between those aspects/qualities of those things in which they differ (and are not similar). In other words, a comparison is a more general idea, it may be between similar qualities of the things being compared or between different qualities. A contrast, on the other hand, is a special type of comparison, which is between different qualities only. An example should make it more clear. Suppose you have two cubical boxes which are similar in shape but the color of one of them is black and of the other is white. If you COMPARE them, you say, "My first box has a shape same as that of the second box. My first box has a color different from that of the second box." On the other hand, if you CONTRAST them, you only say, "My first box has a color different from that of the second box."
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Joe Joe
The comparison essay is what compares like things. I will use a couple of examples below to give you an example. 1) Grizzly Bears vs. Black Bears - They are both bears -They both eat berries and hunt for fish - They both raise young in the den and then teach them how to survive on their own. -They both will protect their young 2) Snow and Rain - They both are types of precipitation - They both occur with clouds -They both can be cold -They both can happen anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere The contrast essay provides the differences of two things 1) Grizzly Bears vs. Black Bears Grizzly Bears are more scared of humans and will shy away from communities with people in them, as black bears will go more towards communities Grizzly bears are poor climbers, whereas black bears are more versatile with climbing trees Grizzly bears dig for clams where as black bears hunt more for fish and berries. This just gives you some hints about comparison and contrast. You could also ask your instructor if you can do both.
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Grey Grey
comparison is when you're looking for similarities and contrast is when you're looking for differences.. if you did a comparison essay about Rikku and Yuna it would mean writing all the things that are similar between these two characters.. you could mention that they're both female.. they're both good-looking.. but you wouldn't mention their hair color because that would be a contrast..
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Grey Originally Answered: Comparison essay on Romeo and Juliet vs. West Side story?
start with an outline of the main points you want use in your essay and that will be your topics for your paragraphs. then under each main point have evidence/reasons to support your main point of that paragraph. then start with a topic sentence and see where your mind takes you. if you type it on the computer to start with, it doesn't have to make sence when you first start to type it. you can always move things around after you get done typing so it makes more sense. i hope that's helps.

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