im in college and i don't know verb, subject,etc?

im in college and i don't know verb, subject,etc? Topic: im in college and i don't know verb, subject,etc?
June 26, 2019 / By Sophy
Question: Im in college but i don't know any english grammer or rules like verbs, subject, conjuction, etc. When i write an essay i don't think about any of those stuffs and i get b's and a's. Will learning those stuffs actually make a difference? Since I just write with common sense and how it sounds right. Because im sick of B's and i want A's only! btw, i don't write like this in my college papers.
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Posie Posie | 6 days ago
My FIRST question is: How did you GET into college? Second question is: What is the name of the college you are attending, so that I can recommend that no one go there, and to possibly get their accreditation revoked (IF they have any in the first place) You need to go back and take elementary-school English. If you can't write any better than you demonstrate your ability to in your question, your teachers aren't grading with any discretion and anything above an "F" has been a gift. In the real world, you are judged by how well you communicate, both spoken and written, and I doubt you would get hired as a "sanitation engineer" with the writing skills you demonstrate, I know *I* would not hire you for anything. If you want to succeed in the real world, LEARN IT!
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Hi, Free Palestine! With most of them it is just a matter of putting a singular subject with a singular verb or plural with plural. 1 each is singular 2 I have a little doubt about the word they 4 is a grammar change (better than I do). 8 antennae or antennas are bith acceptable. 9 Measles is singulular - just one disease. The rest are like this - you should be able to figure the reasons for the changes by yourself. 1. Each of the students needs to bring his or her own camera to class. 2. If a student comes to class without his or her supplies, they will find themself trying to get caught up. 3. My brother and I want to want to visit our sister in Seattle. 4. Lydia writes better than I. (better than I do). 5. The girls on the team have arrived. 6. Each morning Janet or the children buy fresh rolls at the bakery. 7. His messiness and my chattering annoy our mother. 8. On top of the building are two new antennae. 9. Measles is a dangerous disease for unborn children. 10. One of the drawings is missing.

Maureen Maureen
you obviously know more than you realize to be getting those grades. {Perhaps you coulf have someone look over your papers before submitting them and proof read it for you. You'd pick up some more subtle rules that way and begin using the corrections as your own. You may not know what each wors represents, adverb, infinitive, conjunction, but you have an ear for what is correct grammar and that will get you far. Unless you're an english major. In which case, you better buy a mid-level school grammar book and start studying.
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Latonya Latonya
Actually, yes, it should make a difference. For instance, one of these days you just might get something asking about verbs or something. And, knowing those can be confusing at times, but at the same time it can be very helpful. I'd suggest researching that, maybe through a grammar book or some sort of website. Good luck! From~Kidalanna
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Jessika Jessika
Go to a bookstore and buy a simple reference book for english grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. Probably something like a "gregg reference manual' or something else that you would use in an office setting. They are generally to the point and don't have a bunch of b.s. in them. They will have a chapter on verbs, nouns, conjunctions, grammar, etc.
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Fortune Fortune
In order to write well, you should know the rules. I had your problem, but I am now taking a refresher english course. It is a free elective and I would suggest if your school doesnt have it, look at community colleges in your area... Good luck!
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1. While in the past such corruption was widespread, these days it is being swept away by the reformist policies of the new Labor government. - "was being" should be changed to "is being" because after the comma, the sentence shifts to a present tense with "these days." 2. Thirty years after Star Wars changed the way motion pictures were made-and viewed-stage-of-the-art computer technology has dramatically expanded the realm of cinematic possibility. -"changes" should be "changed" because the action took place in the past, thirty years ago. It needs to be in past tense. 3. The Europeans knew that a common currency would be attainable only after all the customs barriers were eliminated. -"are" should be changed to "were" because the first part of the sentence with "the Europeans knew" is in past tense. The second half should also be in past tense. 4. No error. "Has changed" is in present perfect tense which can express change over a period of time.

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