I’m NOT going to report my mother to DYFS. What do I do now?

I’m NOT going to report my mother to DYFS. What do I do now? Topic: I’m NOT going to report my mother to DYFS. What do I do now?
June 26, 2019 / By Verthandi
Question: I’m NOT going to report my mother to DYFS most of you suggested it was a bad idea and it wasn’t abuse what she said to the manager and Ill take that your word that you’re smarter then me on this matter. In a week I go to some screening for this camp for bratty teens (that’s what she calls it) my mother tells me. I guess they will ask me questions do any of you know what type they will ask me? My mom refuses to this day to show her face back into that McDonalds ever again because of me she says. It was only ketchup we were throwing around she’s the one that made it worst when she ask the manager for high chairs/bibs and diapers for us she embarrassed herself by saying that. Those of you that told me you would have said the same thing to the manager you’re full of it. Only my mother would do that she is one in a kind believe me. Anyway would any of you know what type of question they will ask me?
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Serenity Serenity | 10 days ago
First I'll give you a little slap in the face, then helpful comments. I read the McD's story. Frankly, you may deserve brat camp. Your behavior seems uncontrollable. I share the community's opinion that you were acting a little young for your age... unless you're 2. That's the end of my bashing. Now I'll start with some serious, helpful comments. Does your family have a history of mental health issues? PTSD, depression, Obsessive-compulsive, schizophrenia, manic/depression, bipolar, ADD/ADHD, Asperger's etc? You may want to talk to a psychiatrist about it. Your community probably has a free walk-in clinic. Try going there as soon as you get off the bus at the school. (You can and should do your homework later.) Check your yellow pages or ask your teachers or principal. Due to the Y!A TOS, I'm assuming you're at least 13 y/o. What was your early childhood like (<7 y/o)? Were you physically or sexually abused? Were your parents compatible with each other? Did they use drugs or alcohol recreationally? Do you? (If so, stop ASAP.) Are you sexually active? I've never been to such a camp, but I wouldn't be surprised if they asked you questions like that if they truly care about you. If they're reputable, definitely do what they say. If they have violations and lawsuits coming out of their @$$, that's different. Try to get objective opinions from any trustworthy source you can use. Despite the earlier slap in the face, I wish you luck in life. It won't be easy, but it has to be done.
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Serenity Originally Answered: Mother in need of help!?
Try speaking to the principal if you feel the teacher is blocking your child from doing well in the class or if it seems you can't come to a compromise. The fact that your daughter wasn't doing the homework because she was afraid she would not do well on it is not a good excuse, in my opinion. There will always be teachers who are hard-a sses for lack of a better word, so she has to get used to that especially if she plans to go to college. If your daughter has a problem understanding the problem she should speak up right then and there and not wait until she gets a bad grade to bring up the fact that she doesn't understand. Also, in regards to getting a tutor, you don't have to necessarily get a professional. You could always speak to an older student or ask the teacher herself for some recommendations on some of her better students in the class who might be able to give your daughter a helping hand.

Ona Ona
The first question will be asked by Ronald McDonald! "Ed how do you come to be at Bratty kid camp?" Then you will quickly be flogged with a 9-pack of chicken nuggets by The Hamburgerler and Grimace.
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Maegan Maegan
Why would you behave that way? If you want your Mom or anybody else to respect you for that matter...you have to behave like you're old enough to handle going to McDonalds. This is ridiculous. Who cares what kind of questions they ask you....you deserve whatever they throw your way. I hope you're nervous...you deserve to be. I know two year olds that know better than to throw food. Grow up!!! Do you see adults behaving that way? It comes down to RESPECT. Have some!!!! IF you want respect...you have to give it. You're a real jerk....I hope they ask you really difficult questions and don't let up until they wear you down and make you see what a fool you are.
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Kerenhapuch Kerenhapuch
Only my mother would do that she is one in a kind believe me???? boy you need to get out more. ask some of your friends what their moms would have done.. DYFS is going to ask what kind of drugs are you on..? they are going to ask if you are needing mental help cause your mother is very normal and you are the crazy one... and/or what kind of mental home would YOU Like to go to..? get a hobby son..
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Jackie Jackie
...IF I WAS YOUR MOTHER YOUD BE LUCKY TO SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY BEFORE YOU TURN 18...your little juvenile *** needs to go away somewhere...she needs to boot your *** off to camp for the whole summer!!! you little troublemaking sh*t!
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Elyzabeth Elyzabeth
your mum sounds like legend im gunna do that when i have kids if thy thro stuff around when we go out thanks for the advice
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Elyzabeth Originally Answered: Who do i report my dad to for this?
"he ripped up my homework because he said texas wasnt next to newyork even though i dont care where texas is" LMFAO dude he didnt do anything to get you to be taken away or have him reported.. grow up lmfao

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