i'm not sure what to do about my life right now?

i'm not sure what to do about my life right now? Topic: i'm not sure what to do about my life right now?
June 19, 2019 / By Tabby
Question: This year i'm really trying as hard as i can to be good. its my junior year of highschool and i need to do well in order to get into a good college. my grades have been **** the past two years and im working as hard as i can, but for some reason im just not that happy. i've been choosing to study and **** like that instead of chill with my friends. The past two years my main focus would be girls partying than school. now its school girls than parties. i even stopped smoking weed which i love doing, i havent smoked in almost 6 months. and i limit myself to only like one party or concert a month. i just am so torn because im not having fun and i dont know if its worth my 97 average which i dont really care about its just for my dad. i just need some input
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Reenie Reenie | 6 days ago
It's so great that you choose to get into gear and it's not to late to straighten things out. It's so good that u stopped smoking weed bc if u keep doing it it will go into ur adult life and it will kill u so fast. You can focus on your study's during the week. Study all during the week and do ur homework. And on the weekends u can party ur freaking heart out. Just keep pushing ur self and ull get were u wanna be in life. I have faith in u. ;)
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Michal Michal
I really should not tell you this however since I don't mind being the bad influence here I want to tell you that your high school matters very little unless you are planning to go to some ivy league college since you will spend the first two years of college most likely retaking mainly what you did in high school. You really need to pass so you don't have to retake anything however your college GPA will typically matter more so I suggest you take it easy and just get through it since college is much more difficult and more important fast paced and well expensive.
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Lewella Lewella
someone's got daddy issues.... whatever kid you smoke pot and have fun all the time, you might not want to bother with college. It's not for everyone. If you want a good future, don't skip school, pay attention in class, and take up a hobby to fill the void.
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Judi Judi
do what you want with your life. in the long run your dad doesnt rule your life. if he keeps pressuring you to do well now, wont he later pressure you to go into a career of HIS choice and not yours? dont forget to have fun, we're only young once and you wanna make the most of these years. there's no point in constantly living for the future.
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Gillian Gillian
Is it you that wants to get into a good college or your dad? If you've given up that much just to get good grades in high school, college isn't going to get any easier.
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