I'm writing a novel?

I'm writing a novel? Topic: I'm writing a novel?
June 19, 2019 / By Star
Question: I'm writing a novel and yo avoid copyright infringement i need some creative, realistic sounding names for: -Semi-Urban Clifornia public junior high school. -a few teen magazines (like a teen version of People or UsWeekly) -Modeling/Acting Agency (Children) -Somewhat Fancy Salon -A few street names -Teen clothing stores, (somewhat abercrombie/hollister-ish) -Ice-Skating Rink -a few Child Pageants I know that I'm asking a lot thanks sooo much in advance!!!
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Prue Prue | 7 days ago
Arden Hills Junior High Teen Street, Teen Weekly Devora's Talent Agency Kingsley St., Newman Avenue La Beet, Hitch Hop Outfitters Kingsley Arena Miss Caley, Junior Talent Quest
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Prue Originally Answered: If I adore writing down short stories, should i go for writing one for real and maybe publish it one day, or does that sound crazy?
The great Western writer Zane Gray was in fact a dentist, born in Zanesville, Ohio and raised in Columbus, who simply loved to write, and also loved American History. Go for it.

Mayra Mayra
1. North Shores Jr. High 2. Teen Pop Magazine, Popularity Contest, or something like Hot Happenings Teen Mag. 3. Smyth and Johnson Child Stars Agency 4. Main St. is always safe, Wade Ct., Kivett Dr., Wendouver St. 5. Llevan (spanish word for "wear"), Kirby's, Wilinova, Divamber inc. 6. The Icicle, Ice Chalet, The Ice Rink, 7. Miss Darling, Miss Star Child, Little Miss California Hope those were creative enough for you. Please give yahoo points!
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Laurene Laurene
First of all, congrats on writing a novel. I'm a military fiction author myself and have five books published and another on the way. I'm afraid I really can't help you since most of my knowledge is war-oriented. Try using your imagination. It's how I found names for my new creations. If you ever need character names, google common first names and look at the 1990 census. It's what I use.
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Jo Jo
I can't help you with the detailed information you've asked, but I do recommend that you find a copy of "The Elements of Style" by Strunk and White. It is an invaluable aid to both novice and professional writer alike. The first tip that convinced me that you need to get the book is your inability to ask a proper question and display other basic grammar rules in writing--since you've professed the need to write a book.
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Jo Originally Answered: ideas for short descriptive writing on a death for gcse original writing?
I personally have fear for the mentality of the person who set this question for you. To me it seems quite sick to have to describe the death of someone. Having been a nurse all my life and been witness to many hundreds of deaths, I would find it really obscene to have to describe in writing to anyone what occured with anyone of them, be it for a certificate or an award in anything. I would suggest to your exam board they find a more suitable question for someone of your age group if it really is a GCSE. Frankly I am appaulled. If I were you, do your coursework on a significant event in someones life, perhaps Mother Theresa or simlar. If you want original and interesting, give them my response to your question.

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