In my 30s and thinking of going to law school.?

In my 30s and thinking of going to law school.? Topic: In my 30s and thinking of going to law school.?
June 24, 2019 / By Tamra
Question: 20 years ago, I attended Columbia University and was a religion major. Later, I studied classical music and education. These days, I am an unemployed single mom who wants to pay the bills and make my son proud of me! Earlier in life, I had neither the financial need nor the self confidence necessary to seek an interesting career in law. Finally, at age 37 and needing to support myself and my son, I believe that I am confident enough to pursue a law degree! In school, I was always great at tests. I scored a 740 in the verbal portion of the SAT and a 720 on the GRE verbal section. I scored the maximum possible on the English teacher test (Praxis.) I enjoyed studying Latin and five other languages for fun. Basically, I have a good memory and enjoy keeping track of a lot of trivia (which I do not consider so trivial, in fact.) First, do you think a law school would accept me? Next, what sort of career in law would you recommend I pursue? (Maybe something like tax law or real estate law? I have no interest in litigation. The idea of becoming a judge and issuing decisions is fascinating to me. I am highly interested in all matters pertaining to moral issues.) Any advice would be appreciated, thanks! Note: my GPA in my education degree was 3.8 but for my undergrad, it was only 3.1. I was a 16 year old college student initially, who withdrew from a great number of courses in the first two years of college, preferring to party in NYC. Later in my college education, my grades were mostly As, bringing up my average! But I graduated over 15 years ago....does it still matter? I know the job market may not be optimal for law right now, and it's not always the most interesting thing in the world. However, at my age, not having fully used my brain for the past 20 years and missing the learning experience, I actually crave law school. Of course, I do want a degree to translate into SOME steady employment. I would never have done this in my twenties. I once got a legal secretary job to support my music career in New York, and I ran from the office after the first day. Yes, I have taught music and I am a music teacher. It can be fun, and although I never taught in New York, my friends there make 80 dollars an hour teaching. (Here in Philly, the rate is less than half of that.) It must be my new parenthood that is making me desire a greater connection to the society around me than that pursuit affords. I looked up the phrase "mature applicant" with regard to law school admissions, and only programs in Canada showed up in my results. Does anyone know if a similar type of application process exists in the U.S. for someone my age?
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Ria Ria | 4 days ago
Yes, it is true that it is never to late to go for the career that you want. I went back to law school at 39. In order to get in you will need to take and score well on the LSAT which is a law school entrance exam. Before you go one step further look at these two websites 1. about the lsat and getting into law school 2. The American Bar Association info on becoming an attorney Will law school accept you? Probably. Right now all law schools are concerned about is money. It is expensive to go to law school and you will probably end up with massive student loans. Some law schools have evening divisions which make the law school experience run 4 years, instead of 3 years day division. You will not be able to work and go to law school for the first year if you are in day division. Law school is tough. Think of the worst and hardest class you had in undergrad and multiply it by 10, that is close to a law school class. Unlike undergrad you cannot take one class her and one class there. You must follow the curriculum which is 4 or 5 required classes per semester. The homework is enormous. Because you are older, have a family, have had a life you are not like the vast majority of law students you will probably find out that you do not fit in. Because of the high level of competition within law school those that are different are isolated. But that will make you a better attorney because you will learn the subjects without the option of leaning on others. If your career path is to be a solo practicioner you will need to be able to do it all alone. If you intend to practice in the US you probably cannot get your education in Canada. Remember law school rules are picky, full of red tape, and make the student jump through hoops. Law school itself is like 3/4 years of being hazed in a big fraternity. What you lean in law school is the theory, where the law came from, not how to do it. It would be like going to carpentry trade school and not being told how to use hammers. You will have very few options in law school to pick your own classes, most of it is required classes and classes to train you to take the bar exam. If you can survive law school being a lawyer is a wonderful job. I graduated in my early 40's and could not get a job because of my age -- was told to my face. I then marketed myself as a contract attorney and would work per project/per month at any law firm. I had so much work I could have been working 24/7 and got great experience. I now have my own firm. Now I can say it was worth it. Good luck.
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Ria Originally Answered: I'm really stressed about school and I keep thinking about just killing myself?
I'm really sorry to hear that you are going through such a hard time. And I know that it can be difficult. One thing that I have learnt to do is focus on the positive things in my life as opposed to the negative things- for you it may be the fact that you are able to go to school and get an education. And with regards to the kids which bully you, use their actions , towards you, to motivate you and to want to you to do better and to be a better person. And if you are reallly struggling with your class, then talk to a teacher. I'm sure they would love to help. And having a mother who is going through a hard time is never easy. the fact that you feel bad shows that you are a caring person so your mother is very lucky to have such a loving son/ daughter. As long as you are doing your best to help her that's all you can do. And when you come out of school with your amazing qualifications- you will be able to give your mum a little extra that may help to ease her pain. Your mum obviously cares about you and worries about you so I am sure she would be happy to advise you to the best of her ability.Even if she can't, just take comfort in the fact that you have someone at home who cares about you. With life comes potential to help and to make a difference. you have potential. something that none of the problems you currently face can take away so don't you go and take it away by killing yourself. And how would your mother cope then. I will keep you in my prayers and I hope that you do step back and look at what you can do to make your life that little bit better. I really hope this helps. (and sorry about the essay)

Millie Millie
My mum had me really young and when me and my brother were like 8 and 12 (me being older) she started a university degree in nuclear medicine and even though she finished she decided to change to architecture...i know it doesnt answer ur question completely but im proud as f** of my mum for having the courage to do all the things she did and to answer your question yes i think you should pursue your goal or dream or whatever... SO YES GO FOR YOUR LIFE AND JOIN and yer i think you can get in in Australia once ur over the age of 21 u can get into any uni because u are considered "mature age"
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Lilian Lilian
I finally earned my BS degree with a state university last year. I served in the US Army for 25 years so education was defered that long, but I still went because it was lifelong goal for me to attain secondary education, and now aspiring to get my MS in the same field. So please don't cut yourself short - go for it you're very young compared to when I graduated college. I was older than most professors at the time I was a freshman so go figure my age then and now.
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Justine Justine
Never is too late to do whatt we like. There are many schools to accept you. If you make a search, you will find plenty. Noe please, answer my question:;_ylt=AkrawCndp5vF9XVjOd5H9szsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090707084350AAFxR8q
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Gretchen Gretchen
Many schools have a "mature" applicants category - and your life experiences may also be counted for some holistic schools. Have you written the LSAT yet? That will be a big indicator of which schools would accept you - that plus your GPA. That being said, my comments are as follows: 1. it is never too late - but are you sure what you are getting yourself in to? if i could do over, I would not choose law - and i am only two years out (late twenties) 2. tax law is quite specialized - most require an accounting or finance background 3. real estate is general practice - not great right now because of the market, but assuming you graduate in 3/4 years - you should right on the upswing. that being said, RE is boring as hell - so i could recommend commercial rather than residential 4. if you want to become a judge - you should do litigation, or something like family law (something that requires a lot of time in court) - also, not sure about your intended jurisdiction, but in mine, there is a 10 year min. of active practice requirement if you even want to try to become a judge 5. lastly, i would stay far far away from moral issues - unless you want to be a poor lawyer. unfortunately, law is business. it is not about justice, or equality. dont be fooled. and on the off note- if you have a classical music education, why not trying teaching, or doing gigs? In comparison to the time and effort, I made way more money teaching my instrument than my salaried position as a corporate commercial lawyer.
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Gretchen Originally Answered: I cant concentrate on school because im always thinking about life questions and abstract ideas?
If you don't want your life to fall apart and end up like one of those crazy homeless men on the streets, I suggest you get your head back into the game and quit thinking about such redundant things. Just because you wonder about the alignment of the stars or galaxies won't changed the fact that they "are".

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