Intro help for a essay?

Intro help for a essay? Topic: Intro help for a essay?
June 24, 2019 / By Annitta
Question: I'm writing a essay on the negative effects of technology and how society has become to over dependent on it and im having a hard time figuring out how to start it. PLEASE HELP ME.
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Yancy Yancy | 7 days ago
"It is now undeniable that technology is of big help into our blah blah blah but on the other hand ..." That's how I'll start my essay.
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Yancy Originally Answered: Is this a good intro to an essay?
Well..... I must say that this is good ! But most of it looks...COPY AND PASTED FROM THE NET I dont mean to be rude Just try to add some opinions of your own !!!! And start with a catchy intro ! Good Luck !
Yancy Originally Answered: Is this a good intro to an essay?
Here's what I would change: You tend to overuse the preposition "of". Try saying "this is one of the many empowering, yet truthful lines found in the document from this time period." I recommend this because teachers don't like reading the same word multiple times in the same paragraph. Also, I don't think that the "law after act and act after law" is a good way to put it. This sounds more like the crown was mixing things up rather then issuing a plethora of laws. It looks like you're writing a persuasive essay arguing that the colonists were justified in revolting against the British. Your thesis appears to be: " An analysis of the problems ... Independence against Great Britain and the Crown." I would throw out the part that says "As well as many burdens in which the solution was independence" because it make the sentence too long. Last, I would would change your final sentence. Try: "A small number from the myriad of reasons include..." Hope that helps!

Shelley Shelley
Begin discussing how technology has helped society and then slowly progress into the negative effects. Talk about the benefits of having technology and then discuss the negatives. PROS & CONS
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Noland Noland
start with a really depressing statistic or start of by reminding the person reading how much technology they had to use today
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Noland Originally Answered: is this a good intro to my essay?
Intro seems ok to me. I would check your punctuation on the last sentence, "regardless of said opinions, a common and well known purpose for marriage (religious or not) is the declaration...." Personally I don't like starting with a dictionary definition like that, because a TON of people use that same route. I like to be unique, but overall, I think this is a good intro!

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