Is anyone on here today over 12?

Is anyone on here today over 12? Topic: Is anyone on here today over 12?
June 19, 2019 / By Tanzy
Question: There seem to be only homework related, or "how do I know he likes me" kinds of questions here. Are there any adults here?!?!
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Best Answers: Is anyone on here today over 12?

Rimon Rimon | 2 days ago
Yes, and I am getting more and more fed up with the little kids in like and the ones who want someone else to do their homework. Folks, teachers assign those questions for a reason. You are not helping these kids if you do their work for them. You are enabling them to cheat.
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Go to the zoo, go to an aquarium, go to an outdoor mall, have a picnic with friends, read a book you actually want to read, make lots of food and eat it, write in a journal, rent a movie, make a painting use marbles and dipping them in paint and rolling them across a canvas, jump rope, just sit outside and relax. BQ: Coming Home
Rimon Originally Answered: What should I do today + BQ?
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Miracle Miracle
im no adult but im over 14 yes..... acually im 14 !!!!! i think that u can ask adult like questions if u like and im sure the kids might ignore it or.. you never know they could be helpful... so ... ask away.......!
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Lilly Lilly
YES!! I am triple that. I do act younger than that some but that is what it Is all about having fun RIGHT??!!
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Today marks the beginning of my life...Last night I decided things needed to change and therefore I set goals and made plans, something totally out of character for me, but I did it and I know this will be a positive change! Amie, Travis survived that accident because he had unfinished business.......YOU! Take care!

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