Is it easy to forget if dont practice a foreign language regularly?

Is it easy to forget if dont practice a foreign language regularly? Topic: Is it easy to forget if dont practice a foreign language regularly?
June 26, 2019 / By Shulamit
Question: i took japanese classes for 3 years and after that i rarely spoke nor write it anymore.. suddenly i realised that i "forgot" everything.. did this happened to anyone..
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Phebe Phebe | 10 days ago
Yes, definitely... I speak English, Malay, Thai, Chinese (northern Malaysian dialect/variation of Hokkien), German and Japanese. Its been a long time that I've not spoken in German and Japanese that I almost forgotten them. It would be wasteful if I just forget about them so I keep on practicing my German by participating Yahoo Answers in German (yes, just click on the German flag). Nothing major, but it does help me to improve myself. As for Japanese, I'm pretty poor in it now... I used to be a student counselor for Japanese students in Malaysia long, long time ago. I often get mixed up with certain words in Chinese when I haven't been speaking it for some time (usually the time when I just returned from traveling in Thailand and Cambodia)... its all due to the similarities in certain words. So, there you go... it happens to almost everyone too :-) When was the last time you did your maths homework? Do you recall how you solve those brain cracking formula? Can you do it again? It just proves how subtle and how easy our mind changes throughout time...
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Phebe Originally Answered: What percentage of Americans speak a second language? What percent of foreign countries speak a 2nd language?
Hm I would say that about 10% of us can speak a foreign language but that does not take into account how many of those people are people who have no need to learn a foreign language or who don't have the financial means to make that possible. Around the world I am not sure but I wills ay that many Europeans speak another european langauge because of how closely knit all of the countries are @Maria yeah that is because you are forced to speak other languages because Norwegian has so few speakers and is relatively insignificant. For a huge portion of the population in our country there is no reason for them to learn another language. I am proud to say that I speak three but that is because it fits my lifestyle. For example, why would a peanut farmer in GA need to speak French? That is not worth his time. There is no opportunity for him to practice as getting to France (and even Canada) can be fairly expensive. Every American that I know where I live that can afford to go abroad often has a passport. I have had a passport all of my life. Not to mention that our country has so much to offer. We have gorgeous beaches, stunning mountains, breathtaking forests, etc. For the people that don't have the means to go abroad, we have so much to offer here to begin with. Norway, while beautiful, will not be able to satisfy all of its citizens for their entire lives. It's too small.

Marlyn Marlyn
Yes, I used to be fluent in American Sign Language but since I stopped using it I barely know my abc's.
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Lacy Lacy
yes, I was almost fluent in Spanish in high school, but now more than a decade later.....I can remember 3 or 4 phrases.
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Jenae Jenae
yeah i was born in hong kong and i use to speak chinese.....until i move to america than all i speak is english so now i hardly know chinese but a little
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Jenae Originally Answered: Foreign language choice?
I would take italian for two reasons: 1.) You have a higher chance of passing 2.) Not as many people know italian It may impress people if you say that you speak italian. Also, about the bus, you should try walking. I know that it may seem endless at first but if you keep walking that distance for a few weeks, it will seem like nothing. Believe me. I have to run 2 miles everyday. When I started, it seemed like forever, but now, it's nothing. Alternative: Ask about the shuttle bus.

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