Is it true that voodoo is real?

Is it true that voodoo is real? Topic: Is it true that voodoo is real?
June 26, 2019 / By Ahaziah
Question: I hear that in many parts of Africa, people believe in the powers of voodoo. If it's real, where do they get their powers from?
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Summer Summer | 7 days ago
It is a powerful and potent art that makes mockery of science, reason, intelligence and the paraphernalia of power. Observe the wise and reasonable possessed JJ when voodooed and like I, you will be a sceptic no more. I would wish scientists research and learn how voodoo magicians cast spells by writing things on paper, playing with fiddly bones and things and bind, control or destroy a person’s standing and life. If you had asked me a decade ago I would refer to it as superstitious nonsense, mumbo jumbo and the like. Its witnessed to an extent here on the forum by regulars. It has the power to play psychological warfare with your mind, your deep fears and secrets and manipulates your actions by acting upon these triggers. It is a closely guarded secret by practitioners although with the influx voodoo practitioners advertising their services it is a secret no more. Elders refuse to acknowledge any power and rightly so, adopting the ostrich approach to problem solving. It is real and is destroying the mental stability of many people. The witches who frequent these forums boasting of their powers is a sign, in past times they would be destroyed or run out of a village as nothing prospers where such evil dwells. Voodoo and black magic and such devices destroyed God and the race of Godhood, One is now considered nonexistent and the evil destroying him is protected by dismissing it as nonsense, enabling it to operate underground controlling and destroying many lives. Life happens and good days and bad come and go, they can be dismissed as life instances, yet if you are a strong individual the veil has a weakness in seeking to be known. Strange occurrences can be dismissed as odd or one can take measures against another person obsessed with your destruction or torment. The problem remains whether you believ or not. I didn’t and was forced to. It is a powerful and potent art that makes mockery of science, reason, intelligence and the paraphernalia of power.
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Racquel Racquel
its true on whether you beleive upon it or not. n its not true if u have no effects on it watso ever.
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Meliora Meliora
Its as real as any other religion. It certainly has adherents, mainly in west Africa (the Yoruba tribe rings a bell with me, but I wouldn't guarantee it) and in north america and islands in the area (again, Haiti rings a bell)... ie amongst descendants of slaves from west Africa. Voodoo has a large number of gods I think - I believe there are some versions that actually accomdate the christian god into the whole mess.
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Lee Lee
Voudun (Haiti) and Candomble (Brazil) are hybrid religions that resulted from the partially remembered rites of Yoruba and other African tribes that were captured and sent to the Caribbean as slaves, that were blended together with the catholicism that was forced on them by the French and Portuguese slave owners.
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Joisse Joisse
Well like Christianity, voodoo raises people from the dead. So it must be real, right? Its in the Bible that dead people can live again.
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Geena Geena
No, when they put a curse on people they do get sick , but that is because some form of poison or narcotic has been secretly added to the person's food and been consumed. They believe in it in the middle east too. I tried to explain to them that that is not magic or a curse, it is a crime called poisoning. There is no such thing as magic.But there is such a thing as ignorance.
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Geena Originally Answered: Is this True?
Well If thats the case more power to them. they arent commiting huge crimes there, so i say let em smoke it up if they want.

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