Is life more like a quiz, test, report, or exam?

Is life more like a quiz, test, report, or exam? Topic: Is life more like a quiz, test, report, or exam?
July 16, 2019 / By Asaf
Question: I mean your life...metaphorically, of course. 'Life' in general seems like too big a topic. But if you want to answer either way, I don't care. Please elaborate and support your position. Thank you.
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Best Answers: Is life more like a quiz, test, report, or exam?

Valarie Valarie | 6 days ago
My life is like an essay in process, so I guess that would be a report! lol! Because it's not like I go through life constantly being "tested"... many times it's just about the experience, it's also not like a quiz where only select issues are important, and an exam to me denotes the "end" of something. No, my life is an ongoing, constant learning process that doesn't end or take coffee breaks! It is a work in progress where every day, every instant, is part of my "report" and when it's done, I hope to look at my "work" fondly and think... "Yea, that was a good life... good work Rose!" I think it's important to live a life you would be proud of, no matter how humble, so that you can end your life with contentment instead of with regrets. Namaste Sweet Glenn
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Schuyler Schuyler
Life to me is more like an education that never ends. When does an education end anyway? They give you a diploma, degree, certificate, exam, report, test or quiz but that is just to put a period at the end of a sentence. It is basically window dressing not the end of an education. In life you are always taking a test and reviewing what you learn and doing research. Life is never ending learning.
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Nyree Nyree
I also agree that life is more like a test. Everyone is constantly undergoing hardships and decisions. Based on what their choices are, also affects the next 'question' as well as the results. The only difference from other tests is that we're always answering the questions from birth till death. Even when you pause and have to think of the answer, you're also graded on the pause. Life is the hardest test there is...
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Mädchen Mädchen
Like a report. I don't feel tested, more like there's research to be found and winnowed outline to be made, table of contents and bibliography. My days are like paragraphs-or *hmmph* sentences at times. But it all adds up in the end.
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Kendal Kendal
Test. I could say Exam also, but I hate exams. :) Test helps me to take it easy. My experience till now have tested my inner strength and will power. It gives me a problem and I have to solve it.
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