is she shy or not interested? <3 you if you leave feedback ladies <3?

is she shy or not interested? <3 you if you leave feedback ladies <3? Topic: is she shy or not interested? <3 you if you leave feedback ladies <3?
June 18, 2019 / By Alishia
Question: my friend texted me when he was at this party and told me that his girlfriends friend thinks I'm cute/hot, she gave him her number to give to me. we started texting each other for a bit then we all met up to play volleyball a couple weeks after. when I walk in the first thing she does is start talking to her friend and hardly looks at me. I poked her when we were playing v ball said hey to her and she said the same thing back. whenever I would look at her if we made eye to eye contact, she would hold it for maybe a second and look somewhere else lol after the night was over I went in and we hugged each other good bye. then we talked a little bit on Facebook about a joke we have together and she told me she was dying from laughing. my friend made plans to play v ball again today and he told me that she was coming randomly (hes always with her and his girlfriend) he's admitted that she is shy, but she hasn't said anything about me. he keeps telling me to go for her. when we played v ball today pretty much the same thing..except as she was leaving she didn't say bye or anything. you can tell she is really shy. she hardly ever looks at me at all friend mentioned that she's been hurt by some guys. she's 19 years old. I'm always the one who initiates every text, but whenever she responses, it's like a 10 page essay. i have really strong feeling for someone else, but I'm in the middle of trying to get over them because they are with someone else now (she was never my girlfriend), so I don't want to rush into anything and hurt her. she seems like a really nice girl, but we've never gone on a date. she never texts or contacts me, I'm the the one that has to initiate every time. I really am not ready for anything now anyways. but every time I text or say something on her fb, she responds. should I be calling her up right now and asking her out? am I waiting to long? lol..she goes to college an hour away from me. I invited her to volleyball last week and she came. I was sitting on the bench by myself waiting for everybody and she happened to come. she waved to me and kinda had a smirkish smile on her face. and we started talking for a bit, every time she talked she has a semi smile on her face. I said a joke to her and touched her arm to see how she would re-act and she didn't move at all or flinch, but she never flirted back. I put my arm around her once too, pretty much the same thing. when we were playing I was trying to make eye contact with her and smile at her, but she never ever looks at me. I texted withn her all last night and I was playing volleyball with her today. She was hardly ever looking at me, we talked a little bit, pretty much the same. As she was leaving I asked her what she was doing monday and she said she had a family picnic to go to, then i asked her what about tuesday. she told me she had to work. i asked her when she was free because i wanted to take her out. she came back and told me once she gets her hours on tuesday she would let me know(she said that on her own, i didnt ask her) what hours she has...then we hugged and she kinda bumped arms/tanged and she said she was could tell she was nervous(it was pretty awkward, not gonna lie lol) shes going to be living with her friends an hour away. shes moving on wednesday. read the whole thing, i did ask her out. i dont think shes going to contact me about her hours(by tomorrow)...shes either too scared to go out or she just doenst like me I guess...
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Unni Unni | 8 days ago
No my friend you have a long way to go on the quest of understanding the female psychology I can pretty much understand your feelings towards her, you dont want to rush into a relation with her but at the sane time would not mind some sparks to flare up. As of what i interpreted , and you also mentioned she is apparently a shy and introvert girl (for whatever reasons) , may be that is kind of stopping her to say the final declaration of her like (or even dislike). Not all girls are the same and it is quite acceptable. com on you ve gotta agree me on this. not every girl is gonna flirt back to you whenever you have your arms around her or some thing of that sorts. Some gals are reserved and thats the way they are. What possibly seems the reason behind her untoward body language might be her bad experience at relations in the past (as you mentioned she s been hurt in her past). BUT ONE THING STANDS CLEARLY NOTICEABLE and that is she is inclined towards you. I ll strongly suggest you to talk to her a bit, know her a bit more and then ask her out maybe after a couple of more meeting at the volleyball courts. She is probably hesitant in replying back positively to you due to her past experience Go Slow Baby HAVE FUN...
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ok well i live in a small town there is no wall mart or anything of he sort we have 2 pharmisists and every one in this crazy town is a hippy theres a good chance that neither of these pahrmacys will provid bc if givin the option then what do you suggest i do ive got 2 kids and im a good mother i dont want any more but i refuse to stop ******* my husband if they pass a law like this
Unni Originally Answered: what do you ladies think of this?
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Rob Rob
I agree she is shy but maybe she thinks that shes not good enough for you and that your very cute thereby not looking at you as much? I would definately ask her out just the two of you and have a nice long talk about your relationship. If shes been hurt before she may be scared that your just like the other guys so make her feel really special and tell her shes pretty all the time so you can make her feel more comfortable. If you feel shes not making the same connection your desperately trying to find then i would move on but for now i say give it one more try :) good luck
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Metushael Metushael
I think she likes you. But if she's shy, she's not gonna come straight out and say it. She's probably worried that you don't like her. You should tell her you like her. I'm the same as her. She's probably scared that she's getting the wrong message, and that you're just being nice. When she doesn't look at you at all, it's because she's trying not to, so she doesn't look like a stalker. She's aware of you, and knows where you are, so she's not looking at you. It's... hard to explain, but seriously, don't worry at all about the vball thing. Just make sure you ring her, and ask her out. Make the first move all of the way. TELL HER YOU LIKE HER. Then she will definitely know, and she might tell you how she feels. It's gonna be tricky, but you need to assume she likes you. Good luck with it sweetie. XXX
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Metushael Originally Answered: Ladies, please read this! I need help here! What do you think?
all i can say is... it makes me sooooo happy to know that guys go through this turmoil in their heads too because i worry over some of the EXACT same stuff which is interesting but anyways... maybe you should give her a call or something and go out to lunch or do homework together again and just be friends because it seems like she wouldnt even be able to deny that you two are friends its just been a week though? i mean...people get busy, and stuff.... dont fret keep talking to her and find ways to hang out

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