Is the Japanese imperial family above the law?

Is the Japanese imperial family above the law? Topic: Is the Japanese imperial family above the law?
July 16, 2019 / By Tallulah
Question: Does anyone know what kind of status the imperial family of Japan has? Are they bound by the common laws passed by parliament? I ask this because I'm tentatively interested in the issue of female succession in the Japanese monarchy and female inequality. I suddenly wondered if the Japanese equal gender opportunity law would apply. (After all, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the emperor Hirohito's status after WWII) I'm in a hell of a lot of trouble at the moment (essay topic crisis with just over 1 month left) so I'd really appreciate an informed answer
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Reilly Reilly | 2 days ago
Absolutely not my dear girl! We taught that Hirohito chappie a damn good lesson during World War II, that Britain and the United States were not to be trifled with. We soon put a stop to their gallop. They should count themselves jolly well lucky that they still have a royal family!
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Mignon Mignon
The Emperor cannot be prosecuted by criminal law.Japanese ministers also have same right, immune from arrest, during thier terms. The Emperor usually has life tenure, so it is impossible to prosecute him. Other imperial family members do not have this right. But Emperor is obliged to pay taxes. When Emperor Hirohito demised, Emperor Akihito had to pay tremendous amount of succession tax.
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Lexine Lexine
I don't know about Japan, but in the UK the sovereign cannot be tried in a court of law (even for murder). Nor can she be asked to supply evidence or give testimony, but that right does not extend to the rest of the royal family.
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Julia Julia
The law was due to be changed a couple of years ago, until a boy was born into the Imperial family and the law has now been shelved. Although Emperor Showa (Hirohito) proclaimed in the terms of surrender in 1945, that he was not a living god, when the present Emperor was crowned, he went through the same ceremony as his forefathers, to transform himself into a divinity. The ritual handed down from father to son or heir, is a secret and a private ceremony, there are no witnesses, no one is in attendance. I hope that this helps. I would suggest that, in future, you leave ample time to study and review. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN.INNIT. Edit,Beware of imitations clad in dead weasels
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