Is this a lesson from liberal logic?

Is this a lesson from liberal logic? Topic: Is this a lesson from liberal logic?
June 18, 2019 / By Ailene
Question: to make health insurance more affordable, offer a health insurance plan through the federal government and tax private health insurance in order to help pay for it? Why are people so blind, cant you see they are still allowing us to have a choice? we can either buy into the government system or we can keep private insurance but our premiums will go up further and further due to the government applying more tax to them
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Tod Tod | 4 days ago
According to experts, health insurance companies like Blue Cross and Blue Shield will be out of business within 4 years. The goal of the bill was to run private business out of business so that it paves the way for a single payer system. Sure the insurance companies are doing well now, but, long term they are dead.
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Tod Originally Answered: Is there any way to make logic easier?
First of all, I agree - I think it just takes practice. However, I think that since the same principles apply to logic whether its computer related, philosophy related, math related what have you, you might consider looking for ways to take another logical practice that you are familiar with and use it as a basis. For example - Logic, like math should be deterministic. If you are good at math you are good at simplifying ad breaking down problems. Try using that same simplification principle and apply it to philosophical logic. If you are good at physics then you understand that any decent theory is falsifiable in principle - not that the theory WILL in fact be proven wrong, but that it is possible to prove it wrong through experimentation. A non- falsifiable theory, is no different than faith - religion requires faith, science, working in empirical facts abhors faith. Personally, I found understanding philosophical logic easier than logic applied to mathematics. Once we reached trigonometric integrals, I was just lost. The philosophy helped me with the math in the end - just a different kind of problem to be solved and different methods for dissecting the problem. Its all just symbols whether math or philosophy. Plug and chug the input after you solve in both cases. I'm not meaning to make light of your struggle - believe me I can empathize. It really is just a matter of taking a strength and using it as a tool to help with areas of weakness - look for the hidden similarities rather than focusing on the obvious differences and you will be able to find a tool to help. Re-frame the question with different terms that are more familiar. Use analogy and metaphor. JT - Good call on the book title "Logic for Dummies" I wouldn't doubt it exists, but that has got to be the most ironic title I've ever heard. I know I could have used that book, but would have hated to walk up to the checkout counter with it. lol

Randy Randy
That is the road to a single payer system all controlled by our soo efficient government. Put Private Insurance out of business. Insurance companies have to show a profit to their investors, Government does not. Who is going to win that battle? Say Big Brother will be watching!
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Marvin Marvin
Yet again we see that the conservative response to the healthcare issue is not to debate it but to lie about it. Most private insurance will NOT be subject to the cadillac plan tax. The CBO tells us most premiums will NOT rise and that those that do will be in response to having to give a better service. One of the main reasons you lot lost this debate was this insistence on telling petty lies rather than actually addressing what is really happening. Fine - being stupid once is possible for anyone - but being too stupid to learn from that mistake is really ridiculous.
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Jether Jether
They are desperate to have what they consider a free lunch. I guess the American people will wind up paying a covert tax to pay for it. Good luck to you
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Jether Originally Answered: The combative nature of logic and religion.?
I think that you have a valid question, i'm just trying to figure out how to answer it without sounding like a nutcase. ;) I think that because of the argument in and of itself is the main reason why religion is so powerful, ie. christianity... and by powerful, i mean financially powerful, influentially powerful, and therefore 'spiritually' powerful. for the sake of argument, (not to offend anyone) I'm going to stick with christianity and 'other', be it athiests, pagans, hindu, etc. etc, etc... You can have christian believers as a group trying to explain that god exists, but when they can't get the other group to agree (aka convert) they will either bully them, try to buy them off, or kill them if it means enough to the cause. Now, please understand that i'm not talking about the individual christian, who, i believe for the most part, are just as good a person as the next, but corruption runs deep in any orginization, regardless of the goal. It's when you get to the 'sequential reasoning>logic" part that the christian religion starts to get a little scared... take it to our level as individuals that may or may not go to church. I went to church a year or so ago with my mom, because she wanted me to. the entire sermon talked about killing the easter bunny and damning Dan Brown for writing a story. Not sure if you've read The Da Vinci Code or not, but IT'S JUST A BOOK. same with Angels and Demons, again, another novel by Brown, that is JUST A BOOK. both fiction. both found with other fiction novels in the library or bookstore. But,,,, they got people thinking. But, instead of being open minded enough to invite people to read the book and teach their point that it's false (which, is easily possible, Brown took quite a bit of creative license with some of the 'history' in the book) they would rather tell everyone NOT to read it... avoid the issue all together. Guess that's where the term "Blind Faith" is supposed to kick in... seems to me like it's christianity's motto at times... this is how I see your question. A: Your faith has no reason. B: Your reason has no faith. A: Your arguments are FALSE logic! There is no way, using my specific set of rules could you ever prove the existence of a god! B: Insert example of logical argument on god that may or may not be half***ed. A: That Statement only proves your stupidity. B: Prove that there is no god! A: I don't need to prove anything. You, the one who is making a claim, needs to. (but, add) B: Believe or I'll punch you. As for your last questio, will they become compatible? no. it defyes the entire basis of the Christian Church. Convert 'em or Kill 'em. it would be nice if everyone could agree to dissagree, but unfortuantely it won't happen any time soon. :( BB )O( STB

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