Is this fair of the school band teacher?

Is this fair of the school band teacher? Topic: Is this fair of the school band teacher?
June 19, 2019 / By Tiffani
Question: My daughter has missed a band concert because she was sick with stomach flu. Now has to do a two page paper because she missed it. My question is that fair? My daughter has a learning problem and is 7th grade with learning support help in classes. She does not have the tools to research and put together a two paper research paper. She also has an IPE (Individual Education Plan)I wanted to contact the teacher, but they started holiday break today.. The 2 page paper is due the day they go back to school. What do I do? Any ideas? Should I just keep my mouth shout and do the paper for her? Should I email the teacher over the holiday? Should I let her take a 0 which would make her grade an D on her report card and will make her very upset.
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Rowan Rowan | 5 days ago
Siince your daughter in only in seventh grade and has special learning needs, this might work. Ask her to write a 2 page paper (not research), just a paper, about how important band is to her. About how she understands a commitment to the whole band to play in a concert. But that must be weighted with the need to not spread the flu. I am sure you told her she would not be allowed to participate while ill. Have her write something to the effect that she was disappointed not to be able to be there but that her parent wouldn't allow her to participate. DON"T write it for her. Teachers can tell a student's writing from a parent's and writing it for her would be cheating and set a bad example for her. If she turns in something, she won't get a zero. Good luck.
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Rowan Originally Answered: Is this fair of my teacher to ask this?
Her instructions began, "Find a scholarly article ...." You can say, "I naturally assumed that since I found it via the database, I was allowed to use it for my assignment," but I don't think most people who had spent enough time in college to have encountered scholarly articles would find that "natural." A dissertation is not an article. It doesn't matter whether you used the database to find it or not; it's not an article. Some people take their dissertations and, using the material in them, create some articles which are then published, but a dissertation performs a very different function than an article. If I were your professor, I would not ask you to rewrite the piece. I would just record your grade as a zero, for not following the directions. That wouldn't be to protect you from extra work; it would be to protect *me* from the extra grading at a time when there's a lot of grading to do and deadlines for submitting final grades come up very quickly. And yes, the part of the directions that instruct you to use an article are quite clear. She's giving you an alternative to a zero, which is quite nice of her. If I were you, I'd decide whether the zero was worse than the time it would take to find a scholarly article and do the assignment according to the instructions; if you would rather keep the zero, you can definitely go tell her that. "Find a scholarly article," is not "misinformation" and it's not "vague." It assumes that you know what a scholarly article is, but professors in upper-division classes have no reason not to make that assumption. Since you didn't understand the first few words of the assignment, I'm not convinced, either, that she's vague in general. She may be; it may also be that you are having trouble understanding her because you're not fully prepared to handle the kinds of instructions she provides. From what you write, I can't tell. I'm sorry you're in this position, but in this case I think you're wrong. Good luck on your exams.

Nan Nan
I agree with the others. If a grade cannot be given for her performance and participation in the concert then the teacher needs to have her complete an alternative project so he can give her a grade. This is NOT punishment. It is how a teacher fills in the blanks without giving out zero's, which will drop her final grade. That is something we must both agree would not be benificial to your daughter. You didn't specify what her IPE was so I will also assume it is for modifications to allow her to learn in a different way. There is nothing that says that she's incablable of writing a research paper. All it is is research. If she's interested in music, all she needs to do is find the information required and write something about it. I suspect the report was defined as a two page, double spaced research paper, which is really just a one page report. Allow her to try, and only help her focus on the project. Doing the project for her is NOT good parenting. It will not be half as hard as you are making it sound. I had a learning disability growning up and look at me, I'm in teachers college.
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Lorene Lorene
IEP is actually what the special education teacher writes for educational goals. Modifications are given the the general education that indicate test, assignment modifications. This is not uncommon because the concert is usually a large % of the a test score. If her modifications state that she has reduced writing or extra time....the teacher is to follow the Modifications. The Modifications also have grading procedures (not counting off for grammar or spelling). Since you have a computer, she can begin researching on-line and possibly printing articles and highlighting information for her paper. Have her write the paper to the best of her ability. If she uses the computer, it has spell check and grammar check. Or she could write on how band helps her and the benefits of being involved in band has helped her with her academic, socially and emotionally. Let her do the assignment. This will benefit her because she needs to have the experience of writing a research paper. Don't write the paper for her. If you tell her she doesn't have do the assignment whe will begin doing the assignments that she chooses and this is not right. If you allow your daughter not to do, what exactly does that show her? She needs to do the paper to the best of her ability. Most teachers I know and work with, use the modifications. Most 2 page research paper in middle and high school are double spaced. Best Wishes Merry Christmas Blessings
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Katelin Katelin
Yep, in fact it's lenient. She missed 50% of what she's there for. Your band director dumped all of this time into your daughter, and her fellow musicians put all kind of faith into your daughter only to have her miss one of the concerts. (THE event of the year) Band isn't like other classes. It trains students for the strictness of time, and the importance of teamwork like no other course can. If in Math your daughter finishes a question in 1 minute, or in 10 minutes it doesn't matter. In music, if the song is supposed to be 5 minutes in length and she finishes in 1 or in 10 she's wrong. Additionally, music is sort of like an offensive line in football. If the left tackle doesn't do his job, even though the center, guards and right tackle did, that left tackle will cause a sack every time, and it will make the whole line be rated badly. Perhaps because your daughter has a "learning problem" you've become lenient on her, creating a situation where she doesn't feel her part is important and doesn't have any real self worth. Well, it is and she does. Every part is important in a band. While parents, and reading teachers, and everything else may let your daughter down in this world by becoming more and more flexible, music will always be there, strict and inflexible, coursing on at it's external and immutable pace like the hours of every day, and years of her life. Music holds the key to perhaps the most important lesson anyone can learn in life.
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Katelin Originally Answered: Was my teacher being fair?
She gives the rest of us a bad name! She also sounds like she doesn't like you for some reason. I've known teachers and principals who didn't like certain students to go out of their way to bust on them. (I was going to say they "busted" something else, but I thought that would be in bad taste.) I was a rounder because I figured that it really didn't matter in the scheme of things, though if a kid was a problem or if he didn't really care much, I wouldn't do it. It was one hundredth of a point in your case (I think that's what it was, math isn't more strong suit.), so I really don't see the big deal. I suppose you would be a "grade grabber" since that's what it comes down to. A college isn't going to test you on your "true knowledge"; they're going to want to see your grades. That accusation is rather absurd! I might have been annoyed that you had your chem book on the desk while I was teaching even though I have to do that myself to remember things, but I would have reminded you to get your book off my desk when you were leaving. I wouldn't want it cluttering up my desk and I would have removed it from yours, to make sure you were concentrating on what I was teaching and not to bust on you again! Once the class was over, it only becomes a nuisance to me. Generally speaking and without knowing her, I would say, no, she wasn't fair.

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