Is this true or false? (Homework help)?

Is this true or false? (Homework help)? Topic: Is this true or false? (Homework help)?
June 24, 2019 / By Annita
Question: 1.The prime factors of 15 are 1, 3, and 5. 2.The product of any two numbers is composite. 3.All even numbers are composite. 4.The product of any two prime numbers is always odd. Please help me I really appreaciate it.
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Yahweh Yahweh | 5 days ago
1- True- all those numbers divide 15 exactly without leaving a remainder (that's what a prime factor does). 2- True- any even number plus another even number means it is divisible by 2. 3- False. 2 is an even number and this is prime, because it is only divisible by itself, so it's not composite. 4- False. For example, 3+5= 8. 8 is even. The only really tricky bit here is that 2 is prime, whereas every OTHER even number is not, because every other even number after is ALWAYS divisible by 2 as well as itself and 1. Hope that makes sense.
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Sheldon Sheldon
Helpful hints: Is the product of 7 and 1 prime? 2 is a prime number. 1 is not a prime number. Therefore, it cannot be a prime factor.
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Nogah Nogah
1) False- The number is neither prime, nor composite. But otherwise, three and five are the prime numbers from fifteens. 2) False- One times one is one. One isn't composite. Zero times zero is zero. Zero is neither prime nor composite. 3) False- The number two is even. But it's prime. It can't be factored. 4) False- The product of two and three is six. Two and three are both prime numbers. They can't be factored. But when you multipply them, you get an even number. =)
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Kris Kris
1. True; though you forgot 15 2. True; a composite is a number that you can divide out of 3. True; except maybe 2 4. True; just try it
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