islam homework help ?

islam homework help ? Topic: islam homework help ?
May 24, 2019 / By Adeno
Question: who was the founder ? what are the guidelines ? who is the god? what was the role of jesus ? how do you reach salvation ? what happens after death ?
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Stella Stella | 2 days ago
satan. Islam is just another religion that satan uses to get one's attention off of the Only God Jesus Christ and to follow the path towards Hell.
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Stella Originally Answered: I have homework questions about the 5 pillars of Islam?
Shahadah-what good are the other things without faith Prayer-to strengthen our faith Zakat(alms)-to show that we acknowledge that all wealth is Allah's(God's) and that we are grateful for what he gave us so we distribute what we have been blessed with amongst the poor. Fasting-to show our devotion to Allah and we give up all worldy desires for him and also give us spiritual and physical cleansings as well as putting us on a level with those who aren't as fortunate as us and can't eat everyday Hajj- IT clears all of our sins and shows all of the people that we are all equal and no one is better than the other (except in knowledge) becuase everyone is dressed aexactly the same and acts exactly the same!

Queen Queen
Muhammad similar to Christianity and Judaism Allah (the same god Christians and Jews pray to, they just use the Arabic word for god) Jesus was a prophet, but according to Muslims wasn't told the whole picture salvation in Islam is reached through absolute devotion to Allah and adherence to prophet Muhammad's teachings Afterlife is either heaven or hell; again similar to the other Abrahamic religions
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Meadow Meadow
who was the founder ? Muhammad, the first Islamic terrorist. a thief, murderer (See" Medina), and pedophile(had sex with a 9 year old)(See: Aisha) what are the guidelines ? Too many ridiculous rules to list which include being prohibited from petting dogs, owning art of things that are living and having a haircut that isn't equal length on all sides. who is the god? Allah. Named after the Pagan moon god arabs worshiped. what was the role of jesus ? They see him as another prophet of god. how do you reach salvation ? Following all the stupid rules. Some think martyrdom. what happens after death ? 72 virgins and slave-boys for the men. New oven-mits for the women.
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Lavena Lavena
who was the founder ? No one. Islam is the Truth as revealed by God Almighty as mentioned in the Quran What is the Quran about? The Quran, the last revealed Word of God, is the prime source of every Muslim's faith and practice. It deals with all the subjects which concern us as human beings: wisdom, doctrine, worship, and law, but its basic theme is the relationship between ALLAH and His creatures. At the same time it provides guidelines for a just society, proper human conduct and an equitable economic system. what are the guidelines ? Fundamental Beliefs of Islam: a comprehensive website who is the god? What is the concept of god in Islam is Allah the moon - God? Who is Allah? Where is Allah? what was the role of jesus ? What does the Holy Quran say about Jesus (peace be upon him) The Islamic and Christian views of Jesus: a comparison
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Jocelin Jocelin
No human is responsible of founding, creating, or establishing Islam religion. Islam religion is God religion. Allah is the god of the religion Islam. Muslims see Jesus as a Messenger of God. Well after you die you go to Heaven but to reach salvation you have to earn it. Meaning doing good deeds.
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The Crusades began in the late eleventh century and lasted several hundred years. These directories offer sites that explore these religious wars in whole or in part and look at the individuals who fought them, the ideologies that drove them, and the cultural impact they had on Europe, the Holy Land and international relations. This web site contains so much information that it is difficult to choose what is important. Each crusade seems to have a different slant and reason from the standpoints of the combatants. In order to answer your question I suggest checking the web site. It will provide you with many links so you can pick and choose what you would like to include in your essay. The topics include: First Crusade: People's Crusade First Crusade: Battle of Dorylaeum First Crusade: Siege of Jerusalem Albert of Aix - Historian of the First Crusade, primary source The Third Crusade Letter from the East to Master of Hospitalers (1187) The Templars and the Battle of Hattin Fourth Crusade: Conquest of Constantinople A Humanist Vision regarding the Fourth Crusade ... The Abligensian Crusades (1209-1255) Who's Who in Medieval History: Crusaders Amalric I and Amalric II - Kings of Jerusalem Baldwin I of Edessa Saint Bernard Melisende (1105-1160): Queen of Jerusalem Women and the Crusades This is just a sample of the links found on this site and there are more. Good Luck!!! gatita_63109

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