issues from childhood?

issues from childhood? Topic: issues from childhood?
July 16, 2019 / By Sofia
Question: What are some mental issues that could arise from a childhood like this: A verbally abusive and sometimes physically abusive father, a mother who stands by and watches the father in action. The child is sexual with other siblings. Parents divorce around age 12. As a young teenager, the child watches the other siblings and cannot calm their fighting. The mother comes home yelling and screaming about how the house isn't kept up, putting most of the blame on the child in question (the oldest). When the child goes to his father's house on the weekends, he is left to watch the other siblings and his dad's girlfriend's children while they go out and drink, do drugs, and come back fighting, sometimes physically. The child's friends at school start getting into drugs and he abandons them and has no friends at all. Most kids at school regard him as weird and won't have anything to do with him. The kid is very quiet and doesn't even seek out new friends. No, not a case study... I know someone whose childhood reads exactly as the above.
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Polly Polly | 1 day ago
It is tough to say for sure what issues the child will face. He will more than likely identify with one parent more than the other, and more than likely assume the roll of that parent. If the child grows up to believe that by being physically and emotional abusive towards those closest to him, he will have a better chance of "survival", then that is what he will do. Conversly, if the young man believes that the best way to survive is to be passive and accept the abuse (as the mother did), then that is what he will do. Everyone is damaged by their childhood, and subconscious, we try to re-create the harmful, unresolved aspects of our childhood as adults. We do this to try to get resolution of these issues. So he will most likely attract submissive women who will play the role of his mother or aggressive (violent) women, or men, who will force him to play the role of his mother. Either way, it will be a tough road to hoe if he does not seek out some form of therapy. Avoiding friends who use drugs(which is not a bad thing) and withdrawing from peers are signs of someone who feels alienated, and the longer that one feels that way the greater the chance is that he will come to believe that he is substantially different from those around him. Never underestimate the need to belong. And finally, being sexually active with siblings is a classic sign that someone has been sexually molested themselves. The amount of guilt associated with such behavior will almost definetly cause the young man to have serious hang-ups about sex. This may manifest in the inability to have normal sexual relationships, increased and risky sexual behavior, or fettishes. The bottom line is, this individual needs real help that can't be provided in this formatt. I also want to stress that everyone is different and nothing is written in stone, but the parents did this child a huge dis-service that needs to be addressed so that he may enjoy a "normal" adult exsistence. Best wishes to him.
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Maud Maud
Thats a serious question! It all depends on how the strong the child is mentally. My childhood was damn near identical to that... a little worse in some areas and not a bad in others but I managed to escape it. I have helped many many people recover from their childhood bullshit and thats only because I learned to let go and forgive them. As hard and as crazy as that sounds, if you cannot forgive the ones who have hurt you... then you are no better then they are. You have the choice to be a mass murder, a child rapist, a pervert, a doctor, a lawyer, the uni- bomber... whatever you want. blaming your childhood for who you are today is just a cop out. If you can find someone to talk to thats the best thing to do but in my personal opinion and experience, talking to a shrink will only make things worse. Dealing with that kind of life is really hard and will take a ton of healing, but can be beat.. IF that person is mentally aware of what's going on, willing to change, and willing to not only let go of the past, but allow them self to love and be loved. Like I said before this is a serious question and it deserves nothing but a serious answer. Its a little hard for me to go into depth on here with everyone being so judgmental... but the person that you are speaking of can heal there wounds... one by one they can be free from the life they are used too. If you ever need to talk let me know.
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Lashay Lashay
You really need some help. The fact that "this child" is sexual with other siblings is a very dangerous thing -- it could be an act of aggression, or be acting out their own sexual victimization by another. You really need a social worker -- this is too much for some anonymous person over the internet to deal with, or to get you the serious help you need. Call the DFS in your town and report ALL this information, OR, print it out and take it to your school counselor. ____________ Edit-- this child is definitely going to need some counseling -- it's too much for him to try to fix on his own. ______________ OR -- is this a case study and you're trying to get us to do your homework for you? It kind of reads like one.
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What is one possible cause? THAT IS EASY! Boy + car = happiness. From this, you can finish your homework. Still not sure? Change the scenario to "student refuses to hand over cell phone to teacher". got it?

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