Jewish stereotype "jews are cheap"?

Jewish stereotype "jews are cheap"? Topic: Jewish stereotype "jews are cheap"?
June 24, 2019 / By Tracie
Question: I have to write an essay about the jewish stereotype "jews are cheap" i need to refute it and say they are not and need reasons for it. i need some online articles that say why they are NOT cheap for my sources i cant find any =[
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Saffron Saffron | 5 days ago
Tell whoever your racist teacher is that Jewish people are not cheap and that your essay questions should be thought of a little better of.
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Nevaeh Nevaeh
Jews are the world's most philanthropic group when you compare the giving of all religions. So Jews are not cheap at all.
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Lyda Lyda
Go to It's a non profit organization that helps homeless and addicted people of all faiths.
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Kayley Kayley will give you some information about how Haym Salomon's financial and moral contributions to the American Revolution were quite generous indeed.
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