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July 16, 2019 / By Symphony
Question: Hello, I'm writing a five paragraph essay on the JFK Assassination and I'm trying to prove it is a conspiracy. I have been doing plenty of research and am about to write my paper but so far I can only thing of two body paragraph ideas. Here are my body paragraphs: 1. "Magic" Bullet 2. ? 3. Grassy Knoll Shooter I am basically trying to disprove the single bullet theory and then provide an explanation as to where the second shooter could have been. I don't know what other aspect I could discuss to disprove the single bullet theory or its idea so if there are any other ideas for a paragraph that I could use then that would be great and I will look for the information. Also if the topic is a little vague, please provide a little sense of direction as to how I could use it to prove my case. Thanks in advance and please know I am writing the paper based on the conspiracy because I want to, not because I believe it.
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Rebekah Rebekah | 4 days ago
~You're doing it because you want to, but your asking me what to include in it? This does not compute. If it was a conspiracy, Ruby killed for no reason? Ruby's hit on Oswald makes even more sense if a conspiracy was involved. If you want to disprove the "magic bullet", stay away from ballistics, trajectories and forensic evidence. The only way the "magic bullet" stands up to any scrutiny is by ignoring the physics and science. You can do 20 paragraphs just on motive. Any number of people, from the FBI and CIA to the Mafia and Cuban exiles, to cuckolded husbands of his dozens of lays (or the fathers of the underage girls) to the Joint Chiefs to Lyndon Johnson wanted him dead. The Soviets, on the other hand, wanted him to win a second term because he was such a schmuck and so easy for them to manipulate and predict. Check into any of the thousands of conspiracy theories already out there. Then, since every one except the Alpha Centaurians have already been implicated, try something novel and write about how Oswald might actually have acted on his own. Or, you could say that J.D. Tippet did it and Oswald, having avenged JFK as a misguided tribute to his secret mistress, Jackie K, was framed by Frank Sinatra in anticipation of subsequent movie rights.
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Meryle Meryle
There was no 'magic bullet' just a single bullet fired by Lee Oswald. People ignore the simple and easy to discover fact that Governor Connally was sat in a front jump seat that was 6 inches lower than JFKs. this explains how the bullet supposedly 'flipped about' in the air, it never flipped at all, the Governor was just sat lower down. As for Ruby, some Police Officers in Dallas who knew Ruby would tell you he was a coward and a bully, Ruby would wait until customers were too drunk to defend themselves, then beat them up for his own enjoyment. He had beaten up at least 25 men that way that Dallas Officers knew about. So for Ruby to shoot a defenceless man in handcuffs would not surprise Dallas Officers who knew him. Ruby did not need to be a member of any 'conspiracy' to shoot Oswald, as Dallas Officers who knew him would tell you 'he hurt people because he enjoyed hurting people'.
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Lettie Lettie
Talk about Jack Ruby, or Lee Harvey Oswald. If it was a conspiracy, then Oswald would have had less to do with it, and Jack Ruby would be a killer for no reason. If it was a conspiracy, explain how Oswald fit into, or out of the Conspiracy.
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