Jr.High Accelerated classes or not?

Jr.High Accelerated classes or not? Topic: Jr.High Accelerated classes or not?
June 19, 2019 / By Adina
Question: My child is starting Jr. High next year (7th grade) and is a GATE student. Should go for the accelorated math & english? She has worked very hard and I thought maybe she could slow down for a year and not have so much homework , she deserves a break. She also has after school sports 4 days of the week. But I'm conserened @ this age she may get lazy acedemically if given the chance.
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Stephani Stephani | 4 days ago
I had the exact same problem last year, and I'm VERY thankful that i chose accelerated. i still do many after school sports, and I have had to extend the time that i go to bed a few nights.Because i'm doing accelerated classes this year i can opt out of classes next year (like Reading 8) and have a better chances of getting into AP classes in the future...but all in all I think it's HER decision to make. and about getting lazy, it most likely will happen, and she'll fall behind to just an average student is she doesn't take the proper courses
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Stephani Originally Answered: Accelerated nursing degree?
I completed a one year accelerated BSN degree program, I did not work during that year. I know of a few fellow classmates that worked part time and did ok. It is a very intense schedule and I do not think that it could be done while working full time, not to mention caring for 3 children!!! Classes (for me at least) were 3 days a week with 2 days of clinical. Tests were intense and much of the free time was needed for studying for exams plus homework/papers, etc. Our school did offer a scholarship program that paid for all of the school in exchange for a 4 year work contract at the medical center. Perhaps you could work extra jobs to save money that would allow you to work part time. Good luck!
Stephani Originally Answered: Accelerated nursing degree?
I personally didn't go through an accelerated program, but I know many people who have, and what kills them (and every nursing student) is the time dedicated to going through clinicals. Imaging going to school full time, and then completing 16-24 hours a week of clinicals... that's what makes it impossible to work. Without knowing what kind of support system you have around you, I wouldn't go so far as to say you won't be able to do it, but instead go to a nursing school and ask them questions about their accelerated program; they might even have a night where you can ask faculty and students questions and learn first hand what it's like.

Queenie Queenie
She'll be bored and she would have a much harder time if she went back to accelerated in a future year if she was even allowed to because quite often, the future classes depend on her having completed the accelerated ones in previous years.
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Meave Meave
I think that she should wait on the advanced classes Otherwise she will get tired and go down in grades by 8th/9th grade. She has to start them in 8th grade though, for later advanced classes. The sports will take time to develop, and she should definetly do them.
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Meave Originally Answered: High School Classes? Too Hard?
If you have handled it before you'll have no problem now! And don't worry about your social life if you're in teams that will get you covered. Also, try some clubs if you can! Its always good to push yourself and if the classes are interesting to you; this will be a breeze!

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