kobe vs mj debate?

kobe vs mj debate? Topic: kobe vs mj debate?
July 16, 2019 / By Abiel
Question: most unique answer will be given the best answer... and i've read most debates already and everyone talks about scoring, mvp, championships, sexual assualt cases. so like i said most unique explanation would be the best answer.... i dont care who you like just be unique with your answers...
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Sienna Sienna | 5 days ago
Kobe vs Jordan........ .Kobe is a A city of southern Honshu, Japan, on Osaka Bay south-southwest of Kyoto. A port and manufacturing center, it was almost entirely rebuilt after World War II. The city was badly damaged by an earthquake in 1995. Population: 1,540,000. Japan is one of the most powerful countries...Heck they bombed the Hell out of Pearl Harbor..."There is no one tougher then a Japanese warrior....except for U.S Marines" - Anonymous Marine.... JAPAN! .A country of Asia on an archipelago off the northeast coast of the mainland. Traditionally settled c. 660 b.c., Japan's written history began in the 5th century a.d. During the feudal period (12th-19th century) real power was held by the shoguns, whose dominance was finally ended by the restoration of the emperor Mutsuhito in 1868. Feudalism was abolished, and the country was opened to Western trade and industrial technology. Expansionist policies led to Japan's participation in World War II, which ended after atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (August 1945). Today the country is highly industrialized and noted for its advanced technology. Tokyo is the capital and the largest city. Population: 127,000,000. Word History: Stamp collectors know that Nihon and Nippon on Japanese stamps mean "Japan"; what they probably don't know is that Nihon, Nippon, and Japan are all ultimately the same word. In the early part of the Chinese Tang dynastyin a.d. 670, to be preciseJapanese scholars who had studied Chinese created a new name for their country using the Chinese phrase for "origin of the sun, sunrise," because Japan is located east of China. In the Chinese of the time (called Middle Chinese), the phrase was nzyet-pwun. To this the scholars added the Chinese suffix -kwuk, "country," yielding a compound nzyet-pwun-kwuk, "sun-origin-country, land of the rising sun." The consonant clusters in the word were not pronounceable in Old Japanese, so the form was simplified to Nip-pon-gu or *Ni-pon-gu, the latter developing by regular sound change to Ni-hon-gu. The forms Nippon and Nihon of today are the same as these, minus the "country" suffix. Interestingly, the Chinese themselves took to calling Japan by the name that the Japanese had invented, and it is from the Chinese version of the name that English Japan is ultimately derived. In Mandarin Chinese, one of the forms of Chinese to develop from Middle Chinese, the phrase evolved to Rìbnguó, an early form of which was recorded by Marco Polo as Chipangu, which he would have pronounced as (ch-pän-g) or (sh-pän-g). The early Mandarin word was borrowed into Malay as Japang, which was encountered by Portuguese traders in Moluccas in the 16th century. These traders may have been the ones to bring the word to Europe; it is first recorded in English in 1577, spelled Giapan ______________________________________... JORDAN! - A country of southwest Asia in northwest Arabia. Inhabited since biblical times, the area was conquered by the Romans (first century a.d.), Arabs (seventh century), and Ottoman Turks, who held it from 1516 until World War I. As Transjordan the country became part of the British mandate of Palestine in 1920, gaining independence in 1946. It was renamed Jordan in 1949 after acquiring the West Bank, which it later renounced in 1974. in articles: 1948 Arab-Israeli War and 1949 Armistice Agreements Trans-Jordan was one of the Arab states opposed to the second partition of Palestine and creation of Israel in May 1948. It participated in the war between the Arab states and the newly founded State of Israel. The Armistice Agreements of April 3, 1949 left Jordan in control of the West Bank and provided that the armistice demarcation lines were without prejudice to future territorial settlements or boundary lines. In March of 1949, Trans-Jordan became Jordan, and annexed the West Bank. Only two countries, however recognized this annexation: Britain and Pakistan. It is unknown why Pakistan recognized this annexation. In 1950, the country was renamed "the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan" to include those portions of Palestine annexed by King Abdullah. While recognizing Jordanian administration over the West Bank[citation needed], the United States, other Western powers and the United Nations maintained the position that ultimate sovereignty was subject to future agreement. In February 1958, following announcement of the merger of Syria and Egypt into the United Arab Republic, Iraq and Jordan announced the Arab Federation of Iraq and Jordan, also known as the Arab Union. The Union was dissolved in August 1958. Yes Jordan is a great country in it's own right!...a bueatiful step of the History of Man!..........But the spirit of the Samurai Prevail's...... Kobe...Japan.....one of the greatest places...with some of the toughest people............Semper FI..........CBR..Mutilate Radiate.. OH!.......(Slap my head)....Basketball!........ That's easy....it's Kobe!..hands down...even Phil Jackson said Kobe is a better allaround player.....Duh!..... Kobe at 28 vs MJ at 28 Kobe NBA champion 3..........MJ 1 Kobe All defensive 6..........MJ 4. Kobe 2nd highest pts 81........MJ 63 Kobe youngest allstar ever!!!!!!!! Kobe allstar games 11.......MJ 7 Kobe MVP allstar game 2.....MJ 1 Kobe playoff games 126...MJ 35 Kobe youngest to score just about every mark...MJ 0 Kobe Most 3pointers in a game 12(record)...MJ..7 Kobe all NBA selection...9........MJ...5 Kobe cheated on wife 1...........MJ 1....wow! something there even in!! ..sayanara!..... ______________________________________... Stupid me!...I almost forgot!.... MJ without Pippen = 5 years , 1 - 9 in the playoffs(that's right 1 win ..9 losses)..5 losing season's...Pippen almost led Portland to the Finals!..He almost led Chicago to the Finals also..(without MJ!)..All he needed was Clyde Drexler and the Bulls could have won 8 chips... Kobe without Shaq = 2 winning season's 3 playoff wins..and forced a game 7 vs a team that was favored to win in the first place!.........What happened in game 7.?.you might ask... Well Kobe had 23pts at halftime...but the Lakers were down by 20!...so rather then score 50pts and lose by 40!(only MJ would do that...like I said thank goodness for pippen)...Kobe was trying to win!........
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Sienna Originally Answered: Kobe Bryant the G.O.A.T. and Forever (with stats to prove it)?
After reading your essay, I'm even more convinced that Jordan is superior to Kobe. I didn't think that was possible. I like how you show Jordan dominated in virtually every catergory and then give a disclaimer as to why the stats are misleading. Are you really trying to say Kobe was a better defender than Russell? I'm not even going to waste any more of my time trying to educate you. You are entitled to your delusions. I'm not sure if this is a serious question or if it's satire. If you are trying to mock the Kobe jockers, excellent job. lol

Philis Philis
that's not even a question. it's a well known fact that Kobe idolizes MJ. From the moment he started his career, Kobe has always tried to emmulate and copy Jordan. Just look at his gestures, motions, fadeaway... we've all seen that before. the greatest vs. the greatest imitator.
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Martina Martina
I really don't like Kobe and I really didn't like MJ. That being said, I think that both Kobe and MJ are (or were) great players. Both are good perimeter players that can take the ball to the hoop strong. Either one can dunk or pull up for the j. MJ may have been better with the fadeaway j but I really haven't seen Kobe use that very often. I guess I'm saying that neither is better than the other. When it is all said and done, Kobe could have more titles than MJ and could win more scoring titles than MJ. That won't solve the issue for most of the people debating this. They can't be directly compared because very few players that played against MJ are still playing now.
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Lakeisha Lakeisha
Alpha wolf you crack me up! lol anyway, there should be no debate about this. Kobe is ENTERING his PRIME!! at age 28!! does everyone understand that??/ HIS PRIME!! i have read many people say that he was the second best player in the Lakers dynasty and that really makes me laugh! Kobe was by far the teams MVP throughout the playoffs every year!! Hitting CLUTCH shots and feeding the ball to shaq agains guys who aren't even in the NBA anymore. except for Mutombo! he went against the nets TWICE and thier sorry *** team with no big man! and then there was mutombo! that was it! ANYWAY, to the question at hand, KOBE VS JORDAN i say at this point it's a draw with KObe having the edge cuz he's still in the league! when it's all said and done he'll be the one we remember not Jordan! KB24 for MVP!!
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Lakeisha Originally Answered: Do people forget Shaq had feuds before Kobe?
What does this have to do with Kobe. you going to blog and try to telll me that Kobe did not want to be the man on the Lakers over shaq? I saw it, the world saw it and the great coach Phil Jackson saw it. why did Kobe put Shaq name out there about cheating when Kobe got caught cheating or raping that girl, didn't Kobe 3 rings come on the back of Shaq who was those finals mvps. So I done the homework , I watch them not getting along and people like you who have your head of Kobe tush think the sun rises with him and falls with him are blind. Edit: Let me ask you something, Do people forget that Kobe wanted to be traded when they failed to get out of the first round twice? you clowns are so quick to say Lebron left Cleveland or Lebron can't do it by himelf but quickly forget that Kobe after failing to make the playoff after Shaq left and then losing twice to the Suns in the first round wanted to be traded but he also have veto power block trades and the only reason why he did not get traded to the Bulls at the time is because he vetoed the trade and the reason why he vetoed the trade is because the team would have to give up too much star power for them to be a serious contender. do you remember that or did your homework about that. This is what make laugh about you kobe can't because you guys are so quick to say Lebron left but forgot that Kobe wanted out because of his failures with the Lakers

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