Legalizing all drugs and taxing them, what do you think?

Legalizing all drugs and taxing them, what do you think? Topic: Legalizing all drugs and taxing them, what do you think?
June 19, 2019 / By Trace
Question: This may be the topic I select for my paper. I need to hear both pros and cons. The idea is that if drugs were legal and taxed, rehab facilities would be state ran and offer real help, and also it would cut out some of the crime related to illegal drug sales. I'm not asking whether you think it will ever come to be. Thanks in advance.
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Sabrina Sabrina | 1 day ago
I actaually did my term paper on this subject. I found that this was a pretty interesting idea. It's true that if any particular drug were to be made legal it would then make the demand for that drug in the street very small. Thus it would reduce the violence associated with that drugs trade in the street. We in the U.S. are still spending millions and millions of dollars every year to fight a so called "war on drugs". My question was and still is why spend so much money to fight what is obviously a losing battle? After all most people, even in the most rural of areas can still locate and purchase almost anything they want! Why not legalize, let the people who are going to purchase drugs anyway do so in a safe manner, tax the hell out of the stuff and use the money in a productive way? I'm sure some will say that legalizing would only promote addiction, but thats not necessarily true. Take cigarettes for example. They're legal and addictive, but yet the majority of Americans don't smoke. Why? Because we have been educated enough to know the associated risks and have made a conscious decision not to. If more kids were to be educated more about the harmful effects of drugs, and not just the penalties that result from their use we could take the focus of drug use from where its at now, which is primarily a legal issue, to where it needs to be, and thats a health issue.
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Sabrina Originally Answered: What is your opinion on legalizing and taxing marijuana?
I just wrote a paper on the issue this semester. I am absolutely convinced it should be legalized. The economic and social benefits are to great to not legalize it. The propaganda the govt feeds its citizens is complete bull ****. The fact that alcohol and cigarettes are legalized and marijuana isn't is very hypocritical. Alcohol and cigarettes are far more dangerous, more addictive drugs. American and Canadian citizens have just come to accept the information the govt is feeding them, and most have know idea that nicotine, alcohol and caffeine are more harmful, and have worse effects on society than marijuana. Marijuana should be regulated similarly to alcohol. Cannabis is the number 1 cash crop in the country, and legalizing and regulating its distribution would have great economical benefits to the country. Currently, prohibition of marijuana is an enormous problem in the US. thousands of responsible users of the herb are arrested from small, personal possession a year. The cost to the state for arresting and jailing users is ridiculous, as well as the fact it goes on there criminal record. legalizing it would save us billions of dollars, and would let law enforcers focus on more important issues. Don't believe the propaganda the US govt is throwing at you, here are some proven facts on the drug: - marijuana is not a physically addictive drug - there is no with drawl from using marijuana - there are no deaths caused from OD or use of marijuana - marijuana does not kill brain cells, like alcohol - marijuana does not make you "lose control" and aggressive - marijuana does not lead to psychological disorders such as schizophrenia - yes, like all drugs it does have some adverse affects. However, If used responsibly it is a completely safe drug and everyone should have the right to enjoy it. toke responsibly

Netta Netta
Pros: well basically yea it would be good for the rehab facilities and the government would get a lot of money Cons: everybody goin crazy rehab facilities overpopulated and people who wouldn't ever start gettin drugs would start taking some and yea a lot more people would die So yea I don't think its gonna b enought for ya paper and sry bout that but basically my opinion is that eventhough its gonna give a lot of money to the government its gonna b really bad for citizens
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Luella Luella
i dont think legalize is the answer. think about it..... if marijuana were legalized it would be taxed and on top of that due to health regulations and codes and laws or what have you...... the marijuana wouldn't be as HIGH (lol) quality as the stuff you can buy off the black market. plus the black market will never be able to be rid of. its there and its pretty amazing how it works actually. but to legalize marijuana still would not satisfy that marijuana consumer because it wouldnt be the type of weed they were looking for. those types would never be able to be sold in stores. i think marijuana should be "decriminalized" so we dont have so many people in jail just for being a little stoned when alcohol is much worse for you and america has bars on every corner asking us to come in a fcuk our bodies up. there is nothing wrong with the green stuff but im afraid making it actually legal would only be fcuking up the whole situation more than it already it.
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Kayleah Kayleah
I'm sorry but I don't like the topic of this paper.I'm trying to think of how you can validate the pros and cons.Think in regards to the lottery tax...Where does are tax money really go, it's supposed to help our school systems...I would write a paper on legalizing Dr. assistance in suicide deaths, lots of pros and cons in that issue.
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Hope Hope
I think there would always be crime because the drugs on the street will always be a lot cheaper than the legal drugs. I think a lot of people that otherwise would not do them would try them when the stigma is off. Probably not a good idea though for me personally, I would like it. I love pot and E.
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Hope Originally Answered: Would legalizing all drugs increase of decrease crime?
Look at who brings the drugs into the country. The CIA have been drug running since at leat the Vietnam War, the British RAF were caught bringing plane loads of heroin into Britain from Afghanistan a year or two ago. If it wasn't for illegal drugs, the US economy would have collapsed decades ago. Do some research into countries like Holland/Netherlands, don;t know if it's still the same but ten years ago the studies had shown that there was a drop in drug use especially heroin. Look at the prison system and see how many people are there for petty crime due to drug and alcohol addiction. What do we do, we sent young boys to prison where they are brutalised and learn more about crime or get more fecked up because of drugs. Prohibition didn't work for alcohol but look into why the likes of marijuana was all but criminalised, it started as a racist policy to arrest and deport lacks and Mexicans, then the paper mill owners starting lobbying against hemp being used as it was the main aternative to paper, also marijuana grows naturally in almost every inhabited land on Earth, outlawing it is like saying God was wrong. IF drugs were legalised, then it would be regulated the purity would be regulated, it would be taxed. At the minute they couldn't enforce a tax on marijuana which is another reason it was outlawed.

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