Live in boyfriend is out of town and I am going crazy alone, what is wrong with me!?

Live in boyfriend is out of town and I am going crazy alone, what is wrong with me!? Topic: Live in boyfriend is out of town and I am going crazy alone, what is wrong with me!?
July 16, 2019 / By Hall
Question: I am always with my boyfriend of 4 years and we live together and whenever we go out of town we usually go together. I couldn't go with him to visit his parents this time because of school and I am laying in bed going crazy for some reason its like I am so dependent on him I can't even sleep right now.`My best friend is busy with school too so she can't come over and my other two close friends are with their boyfriends. I hate feeling this way like am I really this needy that I can't even sleep by myself, I didn't realize it until I was away from him because I never am at night. I hate being in this house at night by myself its scary! Does anybody have any ideas to help me get over this ridiculous dependency, I am only 19 and this cannot be healthy. I am just so bored and feel like I have nothing to do without him lol. I don't have any homework or studying left so I am just laying here.
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Ebby Ebby | 5 days ago
Get a grip Girlie. You need to find your own identity. You have no idea if this living together thing will pan out so learn to be independent emotionally.
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talk to him about it.tell him how you feel when he seens occupied everytime you call. tell him how it would make you better when he asks about your day. or ask him what's keeping him busy so that both of you can do something about it. communication is an essential part in a relationship. lack of it might make your relationship weaker. talk about it and be open

Cainan Cainan
Wow Just Wow.. It is just Like a story i had read when i was a little Boy Firstly U did Move Meaning you Are starting Over You have a chance to start fresh and Forget Ur past So telling your boyfriend was a mistake the person you should have told was your Parents and its not Late your parents are there to comfort you not to scold you or anything your their Daughter ur preicious to them your like one of a kind Diamond Very unique and they will Understand the pain you went through when u were 20 And speaking your Boyfriend I do think you should breakup with him Who black mails there girlfriend You have faced so much pain in your youth thats just incredible. Ur 25 u can go to a New college and start Over i suggest u do what u are best at and your future will be Bright and you will have your Man :)! I suggestion u try talking Alot Put on an outfit that gives you confident and go Out! and enjoy I suggest you get a Pet a Dog or a cat anything you can cuddle and u can talk to them I swear i did that and hey They never turned around and walked away they stay with you and comfort you Every Sad story has a Happy ending with a Hero beside you And you will surely Find yours I really do hope i made you Feel better And your 25 Study hard And Enjoy yourself :)!
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Alerick Alerick
Being this dependent on someone else is not very healthy. Most people do miss their SOs when they are gone for a week or two, but they find ways to keep busy and not obsess about it. It is not a sign of deep devotion or love; it is a sign of immaturity and neediness. You would do well to cultivate some independence. Get some hobbies or take up bird watching. It does not matter what it is as long as it is legal and ethical. Learn to be okay with just yourself now and then. It will be better for both of you.
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Tami Tami
One of the things about being 19....everything seems like a full four alarm emergency. What you're experiencing right garden-variety loneliness. You're not co-dependent, pathetic, weak, or anything're just bored and lonely. You could dig out something lacy, shave your legs, do some careful grooming, buy some candles, and plan his return home celebration. That would give you something to do, something to look forward to, and something to plan. Good Luck!
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