Looking for a chick lit book where the main character finds an old how to book, follows the.?

Looking for a chick lit book where the main character finds an old how to book, follows the.? Topic: Looking for a chick lit book where the main character finds an old how to book, follows the.?
June 24, 2019 / By Valentine
Question: ...A-Z steps & changes her life The book is set in England. The cover is tan with a black dress on it. The book is titled after a real-life book of the same name that the woman finds in an old book store. She begins to follow the advice of the book-something like how to be a more attractive woman. She starts to reevaluate her relationship with her husband, to loose weight. She falls for a guy, and becomes _____ (the title of the book). I can't remember the book name or the author's name. The main book is fiction, but the book it is based around is non-fiction and really old. The main book came out in about 2005. I thought it was called "Eloquence" but I'm not having any luck with that name. It's a really great sweet book.
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Seanna Seanna | 9 days ago
Mad about the Boy - Maggie Alderson (2002) When Antonia Heaveringham's aristocratic husband Hugh tells her he's gay and moving in with his hairdresser boyfriend, she finds she is increasingly snubbed by the social set in her adopted city of Sydney. But Ant refuses to fade away . . . instead she goes into the antiques business and joins a gym to lose her post-separation podge where she meets the mysterious James. 5/10 Back to top Make Him Look Good - Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez (2006) Ricky Biscayne is a Latin singing sensation who is trying to cross over into the mainstream market. Milan is his biggest fan and is soon to become more intimately involved with him as his new publicist. Milan's sister Geneva is setting up Miami's hottest new club Club G and wants Ricky involved. Jill Sanchez, a manipulative Latina star who's having an affair with Ricky, also wants in to the club. Jasminka, Ricky's supermodel wife, finally starts eating something now she's found out she's pregnant. Meanwhile firefighter Irene wants to keep her high school romance with Ricky out of the spotlight unlike her daughter Sophia, who is beginning to suspect she looks a lot like the superstar. Then there's producer/songwriter Matthew, who's been with Ricky from the beginning but is now having to take on too big a role. A pacy novel told from the various points of view. 7/10 Back to top Manhunting - Jennifer Crusie (2003) Financial consultant Kate Svenson has been engaged three times but at 35, is still looking for her ideal man. So friend Jessica convinces her to follow her plan to snare a successful businessman at a resort in remote Toby's Corner. There, Kate accepts several dates from different men but things just keep going awry. And there's one man Kate knows she should keep away from but just can't - Jake, the resort's outdoor manager who seems to spend his days lying in a row boat. 5/10 Back to top Man of the Month Club - Jackie Clune (2006) Amy Stokes, 39, loves running her baby shop, Precious Little Darlings, but the thought of having a baby herself leaves her cold. On the night before she is due to start a sabbatical, she discovers an abandoned baby on the store's steps. Soon she wonders if she has been wrong to avoid motherhood, so embarks on a campaign to try out 12 men over the next year to see if she can conceive. 5/10 Back to top Marrying Up - Jackie Rose (2005) Newspaper obituaries writer Holly Hastings - a compulsive therapy user - writes her own obituary and is less than impressed to find she's going to die alone at 85. Inspired by the Marilyn Monroe movie How to Marry a Millionaire, she decides to do just that and write a book on the topic. Honing her search to some of America's most wealthy regions, she and best friend George arrive in San Francisco (home of most millionaires under 50) and start dating two rich men. But they find that money doesn't necessarily buy love. 6/10 Back to top Marsha Mellow and Me - Maria Beaumont (2004) Secretary Amy is used to keeping secrets from her opinionated mother. Like the fact that her best friend Ant is gay. Or that she's been smoking for years. Or that she has written a sexplicit chick lit novel under the assumed name of Marsha Mellow. The book has been flying off the shelves since the Daily Mail decried it for leading teens astray. The only people who know about Amy's novelist life are her sister Lisa and agent Mary. With the tabloids on her tail, an ex back on the scene, a private detective to deal with and the publisher wanting his next bestseller, Amy realises she's not going to be able to keep Marsha a secret for much longer - and can she? 7/10 Back to top Marshmallows for Breakfast - Dorothy Koomson (2007) Kendra has returned to England from Australia, looking for a fresh start. Leaving behind her lover Will, she takes on a recruitment job with an old friend and moves into a flat owned by architect Kyle. Despite her misgivings, she develops a close relationship with his six-year-old twins, Summer and Jaxon - forging a bond over Saturday breakfast as they come to terms with their mother's absence. But it seems Kendra can't escape her bad memories - as one ghost from her past shows up in her life again. As secrets are slowly revealed, we find out who is hurting and who did the hurting. 7/10 Back to top Match Me If You Can - Susan Elizabeth Phillips (2005) Annabelle Granger, who has inherited her grandmother's matchmaking business, runs late to her first appointment with Heath Champion, a wealthy, good-looking sports agent known as The Python. He already has the Power Matches agency working for him, but Annabelle's best friend, Molly, is married to his top client and convinces him to give Annabelle's business a go. Trouble is he demands that Annabelle sit in on all his matchmaking dates, and then they start falling for each other.
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Seanna Originally Answered: Help thinking of a name for a book character?
I can see him with dark black hair, kinda long and in his eyes, stormy eyes, angular features, wearing a button-down (not a geeky one, more like this: http://media.djpremium.com/media/462/713... and jeans. And skate shoes. And his personality (this probably isn't what you're going for when you said popular, but I'll tell you anyway. heehee.) I pictured him as popular and nice, as you said, but he doesn't quite fit in. He's different from everybody else. Heroic, like if he sees someone (anyone, even if he doesn't know them) who's about to get run over or shot, he'd jump in front of them or push them out of the way. He's very attuned, and can always tell how someone is feeling, and he has a lot of tact, and doesn't swear too much. He knows his way around a fight, although he doesn't like to. And he has a dark secret (this is where you get creative). Again, that's probably not the aura you were going for, but that's what I pictured. As for the name, I like Jace (Asher sounds really cool, too, though.) I'm just gonna write all the "c" names I can get. Take your pick. Caden Camden Cameron Carson Casey Chase Chris Christian Cody Cole Conner There's a lot more. I only put the ones I thought sounded cool.
Seanna Originally Answered: Help thinking of a name for a book character?
Asher Newman. Ash Newman. Well, like naming children, you have to consider the pros and cons of each name. Ash, kind of like ***. Or that teenage boy from Pokemon. Newman, kind of Seinfeldy. Asher Finley, bit Irish. HOWEVER, Asher means fortunate, blessed, happy. It's origin is Hebrew, So, the name meaning for Asher definitely suiting for a 17 year old popular boy. Jace means healer. I like the name Asher / Ash though. The last names? Well, Michaels, it's a bit... too book charactery. I can suggest a few last names, but you know your character, so you'll know his name when you hear it. Ash(er) Anderson Asher Abbott Asher Reid Asher Armstrong Asher Ballantine Asher Bell Asher Boyd Ash Clark Etc.. Just google last names and put Ash or Asher in front of it. If it sticks, it sticks.

Ocean Ocean
13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson "Here’s the deal: Aunt Peg, the New York artist and the person Ginny Blackstone depended on to make her life interesting, took off to Europe without a word three years ago. Aside from a few postcards, Ginny hasn’t heard much. Then she gets a horrible phone call that changes everything. But the story is only beginning. Soon after, Ginny receives one little blue envelope from Aunt Peg containing a thousand dollars and some very strange instructions… And with that, she is sent off to pick up a package containing twelve similar envelopes, which she can open one by one, as instructed. Each letter contains a task that Ginny must perform."
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Maddison Maddison
New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2004. $26.95 This third installment in the "Women's Murder Club" series finds James Patterson and Andrew Gross' four heroines engulfed in a drama influenced by both the terrorism of September 11, 2001 and the protest movements of the 1960s. An Internet millionaire and his wife have been killed by a bomb, their deaths followed, three days later, by the murder of a prominent businessman. Additional killings are promised every three days unless the delegates of the upcoming G-8 summit denounce the abuses of multinational corporations andfifth floor implement policies designed to improve the lives of people worldwide. As in the previous books in this series, San Francisco Police Lieutenant Lindsay Boxer once again unofficially enlists the help of three of her women friends-a medical examiner, an assistant district attorney, and a crime reporter-in the investigation. While the majority of the story focuses on Boxer, the authors often shift the point of view to other members of the Women's Murder Club and to the killers. The story is at its best when the characterization of the killers is being developed and their level of commitment to the protests and the reasons for the killings are being explored. In addition to dealing with the criminal investigation, Boxer begins to move beyond the personal trauma she endured during the first book in the series, 1st to Die-a portion of the story which closely resembles the first book's romantic subplot. Much of the advertising for this book focused on the death of one of the continuing characters. While that death is indeed a turning point in the story, 3rd Degree doesn't need a marketing gimmick to sell it. Patterson and Gross keep the action moving quickly with several twists and turns. The first two books show the authors learning about their characters and how they interact. 3rd Degree finds Patterson and Gross now comfortable with their playing field. They've delivered a very satisfying reading experience. Neal Alhadeff DOUBLE PLAY by Robert B. Parker New York: Grosset and Dunlap, 2004. $24.95 Robert B. Parker adds another heavy hitter to his literary lineup with Double Play, a multilevel thriller starring Joseph Burke, a bodyguard hired to protect Jackie Robinson during his historic rookie season with the 1947 Brooklyn Dodgers. The story begins with Burke awakening in a naval hospital some time after being seriously wounded at Guadalcanal. Burke had gone to war at age 18 and has returned much older than any calendar could ever measure. Along with recovering from his wounds, Burke must deal with the pain of being abandoned by his wife, a woman Burke met and married shortly before leaving for the Pacific theatre of World War II. This double trauma leaves Burke an unfeeling husk, moving through life like a leaf in a breeze. Aimlessly, Burke becomes involved with a local Boston mobster, first as a boxer and later as the mobster's collection department. Ultimately, Burke finds himself moving to New York to work for political figure Julius Roach. Roach hires Burke to serve as a bodyguard for his daughter Lauren, who has a history of rebellion against her father and who has recently ended a messy affair with the son of a local mobster. Burke succeeds at this job, but ends up in an affair with the needy Lauren. Roach fires Burke but recommends him to Branch Rickey, general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Rickey is about to bring Jackie Robinson to the Dodgers, breaking Major League Baseball's long-held color line. Burke's job is twofold-protect Robinson from those who don't want that line broken, and protect Robinson from defending himself as a man of Robinson's strong character and moral fiber might. As Robinson and the Dodgers move through that historic baseball season, Robinson and Burke must deal with racially motivated threats as well as those from a mobster who feels Robinson has slighted him. Additionally, Lauren Roach has returned to her former boyfriend, who is seeking revenge against Burke. In some ways Double Play reads like Parker's Spenser books. The noble characters on both sides of the law follow an unwritten code. The relationship between Robinson and his unseen wife, Rachel, is much like that between Spenser and Susan Silverman. And the verbal interplay between Burke and Robinson, and later between Burke and gunman Cash, is reminiscent of Spenser and Hawk. In other ways, though, the clean slate of this stand-alone book frees Parker. He's able to develop his characters in ways and at a pace that series fiction often prevents. Through the bonding of Robinson and Burke and Robinson's fight to integrate baseball and advance racial conditions in America, we see Burke evolve from that floating leaf to a caring person who has found things worth believing in and fighting for.
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Maddison Originally Answered: What name do you like best for a main character?
Kennedi- She sounds kinda like she'd be tough, but not like overly boyish. A real Daddy's girl. She likes to play sports and hang out with guys but she loves shopping too. Kind of a wild child sometimes. I think she'd have dark hair, kinda long, but not always perfectly done. Bright eyes. Very independent and outgoing. Luke- Sounds like he'd be popular. Kinda of a pretty boy, but doesn't necessarily enjoy all the attention. Light brown hair with pale blue eyes. A Closet nerd if you will.

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