Macbeth essay help please? 10 points best answer?

Macbeth essay help please? 10 points best answer? Topic: Macbeth essay help please? 10 points best answer?
June 27, 2019 / By Alesha
Question: i have just finsihed my macbeth essay- the role of the supernatural in the play.I think my essay is really goood, but i am rubbish at conclusions, so could you help me out with it please?(like stuff to include in it etc) i dont want to ruin my essay with a rubbish conclusion.
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Truman Truman | 5 days ago
Briefly sum up the main points made in your essay. State as to how much of a role you think the supernatural played in the play (if that makes sense) and why. Don't raise any new points or anything you haven't included in the main body of your essay. That's how I would do it. Hopefull there's something up there that'll help :)
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Truman Originally Answered: Can someone edit my essay? (Best answer 10 points)?
You use "Pleasure Point" too many times. In general there should be at least three lines between like words--exceptions: and, or, the, to, if, etc... example first two sentences. suggested change: A place that is very special to me is Pleasure Point and is a well known surfing spot in Santa Cruz, California. Leave "Pleasure Point" in the last sentence and one in the middle of the paragraph. Omit or change the others to "the beach" "in the area" or ???? Also, you should elaborate more on spending time with great grandparents, memories, surfers, along with the tourists, the town shops, and the other stuff. As for the nouns....I'm bad at that too....good luck!

Rex Rex
ooh i remember this Ok you know the saying 'blinded by love'? Well that's pretty much what Macbeth was Lady Macbeth was going mad anyway. She just was. But she challenged Macbeth in her own way- she made him mad by questioning him and then she tried to reassure him that she was on his side and she only wanted the best for them both. Macbeth eventually became so driven with her in his head, that he convinced himself this was what had to happen- there would be no other way. Lady Macbeth only wants her husband to be happy and she wants to give him everything she can. But the murder of Duncan is too much for her and she starts to lose it. When more murders start happening she blames herself and drives herself to insanity. She wasn't really responsible for it all. Hope to have helped
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Melville Melville
Here are a few tips that might help you out: *restate your thesis, but don't just copy and paste it from your intro - it has to be echoed in a different way *NEVER introduce new facts that were not mentioned in your essay *make sure your conclusion matches the length of your essay (ie. don't make it longer than the body paragraphs) *this is your chance to show how your body ties in with your thesis and how it was all constructed to make a whole *end it off with a question with no exact answer that relates directly to your argument etc. (something that leaves your audience thinking I hope you essay turns out to be a phenomenal one :)
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Jolyon Jolyon
Many of the play’s most resonant images are ones that may or may not actually exist. If there were no dagger before Macbeth, could he believe the deed possible? Just like the future of glory and power Macbeth envisions for himself, many things are not, but only seem to be. From Shmoop Lit/Versions of Reality/Macbeth
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Jolyon Originally Answered: I need help with ideas for my Macbeth essay?
"the role of a moral code" means the things that they would or would not do because of their system of beliefs about what is right or wrong. Look at what those 2 characters did or did not do because of their beliefs then write about those actions that were most important to the outcome.

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