Marijuana and its use medicinally? or Legalization and effect on the economy?

Marijuana and its use medicinally? or Legalization and effect on the economy? Topic: Marijuana and its use medicinally? or Legalization and effect on the economy?
June 27, 2019 / By Abbygail
Question: Im in a college english class and i need help finding reputable resources magazine newspaper etc (essays i just have to be able to show that the person who wrote it is reputable) for some really good opinion columns or essays on The legalization of Marijuana medicinally in the U.S. Im really trying to find one with strong argument in favor of it. Also ones about about the legalization medicinally and recreationally and its effects on the economy. Anther topic that would work is how much money is spent on "criminals" jail special forces stuff like that. I rly need shorter ones one to two page essays or columns from newspapers or magazines. I do not plan to copy these essays its for an assignment on how to analyze and dissect writings. wikipedia is not not a stoner on a mission... Marijuana is a highly controversial subject... which means there will be strong opinions on both sides...which also means it will be easy to analyze and dissect... don't judge me because i asked a question... im trying to make a good grade not get preached to Let me put it this way. In this particular teachers opinion wiki is a good start point but not a reputable resource. I was told specifically by this teacher that no articles from this assignment would be accepted from certain sources wiki being one. Im not arguing with you im saying i cant use it or ill fail.
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Ste Ste | 6 days ago
Try NORML. The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. I'm sure they have a website.
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Ste Originally Answered: Writing a Paper on Marijuana Legalization? gives information on the actual effects of smoking cannabis, also info on alcohol, tobacco Deaths caused by alcohol per year just in the US was 85,000, tobacco 425,000, marijuana 0.

Ozzie Ozzie
okay marijuana has many benefits it helps people with cancer it helps with their nausea. Studies and some doctors recommend it for people that suffer from bipolar, depression, and ADHD. As far as the economy if legalized will produce many agriculture jobs and believe it or not this will lower the crime rate in america, because the jails are already over crowded with nonviolent offenders who have charges for marijuana. hope that helped a lil good luck
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Lewin Lewin
Another addict on a mission to legalize their being stoned. In your economic analysis, I wonder if you'll be honest and include the cost of medical treatment for the associated consequences of marijuana? Doubt it. The addict wants to be stoned. Will you factor in the number of cases of schizophrenia that have been observed since the 60s, the costs to society of providing health care, treatment, housing, food, social services, etc. Will you factor in the number of legal and illegal immigrants with mental illness that is attributed to their substance use and the economic cost for everyone from their moment of arrival. Will you factor in the enormous amounts of money governments spend on treament for addiction and mental health associated with marijuana use. Will you factor in the lost productivity and insurance costs to employers and employees for marijuana users. Will you factor in the loss of education and future potential of youth who start using in their earlier teens and disrupt their education. Will you factor in the economic costs when organized crime that profits considerable from the sale of this substance are faced with less product and less money.
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Japeth Japeth
Wikipedia Which science journal reviewed measures of Wikipedia's accuracy? Because here's a link to the REAL measure of Wikipedia's accuracy. That's measurable, too.
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Japeth Originally Answered: Information on MARIJUANA?! BQ LEGALIZATION 10pts?
Effects range from short and long term memory loss, nulling of motor skills, concentration and reaction times even after high. I found that I rarely if ever had dreams at night or while napping. On the bright side it does enhance enjoyment of music, sex, various activities like sports, conversations, etc. It also enables the user to experience the world in a more conscious fashion which is awesome!!!! BTW. Famous icons like Bruce Lee drank tea for meditation purposes so I hear. Steve Jobs experimented with hallucinogens and if your gonna get high on acid, I'm sure you probably got high on marijuana first, especially in the seventies. Cheech and Chong Snoop Dogg Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington had hemp fields on and on and on I think pot should be decriminalized and treated in the same fashion as alcohol and tobacco, a regulated substance that generates income and tax for the government. It's because they can't regulate it, is why it's illegal.

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