Med school and becoming a doctor?

Med school and becoming a doctor? Topic: Med school and becoming a doctor?
June 24, 2019 / By Aubrie
Question: Hi. I've always wanted to become a doctor, not for money or anything but i still i am curious about the salary. My mother said i should become a general family doctor. i want to become a cardiologist or a plastic surgeon but my mother tells me that neither one of those- especially plastic surgeons- make much money because not everyone goes in for plastic surgery while everyone goes to a primary care doctor when they are sick. is this true? i heard that plastic surgeons can make low minimum wage in some cases? i dont see the need of going through that many years of training if you are going to make a low-end income so can someone please clarify this. do plastic surgeons also need to set up their own business and get a staff? isnt this quite a lot of work? will some of their degrees go to waste if they dont get many clients?
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Abaigeal Abaigeal | 6 days ago
well, plastic surgeon makes lots of money if you become a famous one. 1 operaton of plastic surgeon sure cost >$10k. However, one visit to normal clinic probably only cost $100. That's big difference. Specialist doc always paid more expensive in hospital than general docs right? However, you need to further your study another 2-3 years and need to go through training experience to be a specialist doc. You can carefully decide then after you have completed for 5-6 years general medicine course. It's a long & tough way to go. To be a doc, money is definitely not the main reason.
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Abaigeal Originally Answered: what are some good books for a high school freshman who wants to be a doctor?
The Nobel laureate Eric Kantor wrote an autobiography entitled In Search of Memory. It might be a bit advanced for you, but try it. Some time in your high school career, try reading Microbe Hunters by Paul deKruif and Level 4: Virus Hunters of the CDC by McCormick and Fisher-Hoch. Several books by neurologist Oliver Sachs might appeal to you. I enjoyed The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat - a series of essays, and Uncle Tungsten. Then there is the classic by Berton Roueché, Eleven Blue Men and other narratives of medical detection. All of these might be a bit advanced, but give them a go.

Spike Spike
That is soooo not true. I'm looking into going to med school as well (because i love medicine) but according to the AAMC, plastic surgeons make between $153k-$410k (mid range) a year. Millions of people are looking for just a nip or a tuck here and there. And surgeons who set up shop in hot markets like NYC, LA, MIA are flourishing within their first few years. Although, it helps to have a leg up on you competitors (who would be every doctor NOT in your practice) meaning you'd have to spend a lot of time researching new techniques, like lasers and robotic surgery, going to conventions and networking. watch Nip/Tuck'll see what i mean. Its a drama but the lifestyles not too exaggerated.
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Ossian Ossian
If you wanna be where the real money is, be a cardiothoracic or neurosurgeon. These guys go through tons of school but they make TONS of money. Plastic surgeons can make really good money depending on how good and respected their practice is and if they are located in a place where there is a lot of plastic surgery like LA or New York City.
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Leroi Leroi
hi how old are you? hmm...your mother may have been misconstued a thing or two about doctors. plastic surgeons are one of the few kinds that usually have a rich clientele. those willing to splurge for better looking face/ boobs. but in whatever field of medicine, the return of investment takes a long time. if money is what you are after...start a business. med shcool takes a long time. and even when you're "done" with med school. you still have to study to keep up with current research and technology. but in whatever you choose to do, follow your heart.
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Leroi Originally Answered: Does the medical school that a person attends directly affect the job opportunities that a doctor receives?
Makes very little difference. Your USMLE scores and good references are the most important factors in deciding your future. A score of 250 or greater on USMLE step 1 can pretty much get you into any residency, regardless of where you studied. The fact is, Harvard graduates, for instance, usually score very highly anyway, which was how they got into Harvard in the first place and therefore you would expect to see numerous opportunities open up to them. But if you were up against a student with low USMLE grades and an Ivy league background, I would put my money on you getting the position if you can better their grade. Experience, type of speciality, case volume and the location of the practice (rural=more money) play a big part in determining the salaries awarded to doctors, not where you graduated from oYou don't need to be a big name in surgery to make a lot of money.The name of your school isn't that much of an important factor in medicine, unliike in law and finance. So stop worrying.

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