Mom might think I'm not serious about acting.?

Mom might think I'm not serious about acting.? Topic: Mom might think I'm not serious about acting.?
June 19, 2019 / By Tracy
Question: Okay so I really wanna be an actress. I've been TRYING to start participating in more plays, and do stuff like that, but my mom always has an excuse not to let me do it. "That's too far away!" "How are you going to do homework if it lasts that late?" "That will interfere with volleyball!" But like I am extremly serious about acting...when i start to think about it, or I reherse in front of the mirror of what I want to say to my mom, i start tearing up, i swear. I need to start building a resume, and I want to get an agent. But I'm afraid my mom wont let me do that. Idk. I mean are u supposed to get an agent first before? Because there is this girl at my school who is in like 5th grade, shes already been in 2 movies. But how can she do that? she's so young, not enough experience. mostly just worried about my Mom Problem.
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Sage Sage | 6 days ago
I know nothing about acting, you have one answer, and two answers are better than one. Plus, I'm trying to help you out here. Getting an agent can be a good idea, just make sure it's a good one that's not out to get your money. Selena Gomez went to my school a few years ago and lived a few blocks away. I'm not sure what her popularity status was or anything... hmmm I wonder. but now she's everywhere! I'm guessing it was an agent that helped her out. Try those talent search auditions that go around the country. I want to be a photographer. Yeah, just because Heath was into art and I saw this one movie that inspired me (not the Dark Knight, lol). My counselor didn't let me into the only photojournalism class. I wrote down a list of 50 reasons I wanted to be a photographer. She excepted it and now I'm in photojournalism. Maybe you could try that. Try explaining to your mom why your passion for acting is so important in your life. There are some online help outs like or even Yahoo Answers that can help you build your resume. A well written resume can go a long way! Show your mom you can prioritize. Also, if you can, take some classes at a local community college. P.S. I replied to the e-mail
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Sage Originally Answered: why is my mom acting like that? =/?
You both need to shape up. Your Mom should be there for your sister and you. If she won't talk to you then write her a letter. Make sure it has your feelings and why. Don't insult her in the letter or she will just toss it out. If she doesn't change then stop doing this for her. Don't clean the house. Go out to study or do homework at a friend's house so she has to stay home and care for your sister. Say no to the babysitting jobs. But you should also be understanding. Missing a party is nothing. There is always a party, but you only have one family.

Neve Neve
Well first of all the girl in 5th grade may have been in the business for a while now, she may know someone in the business, or she may have just went to an agency and they saw something in her that they liked. Sometimes it's just easier for younger kids to get into agencies without a lot of experience. You usually get experience in plays and take classes first and then go to an agency. Anyway just sit down and talk to your mom. Most parents want their kids to be happy and be doing what they love, so maybe she just doesn't see how serious you are about this. Tell your mom, Mom I'm really serious about acting and it's my dream, I really want to pursue this and I need you to be along with me. Don't whine or pitch a fit, be mature. If she still has doubts maybe try compromise with her, first say how about I audition for a play and then we go from there. Then if she says yes to that do some plays and then say how about I audition for a local agency and see where that takes me. You may have to keep talking to her about it for a while until she gives in. P.S. If you know the girl in 5th grade, you could try talk to her and see what agency she's in and how she got in it. It's possible that her parents might be able to give you a recommendation for her agency.
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Lynda Lynda
Sounds like you need to convince her to support you, a problem that many teens have. Your mother is behaving like a customer sometimes behaves in front of a sales person. Customers will sometimes give a sales person a reason why he/she doesn't want to buy something. The sales person can tell though that the reason the customer gives is not the REAL reason why they don't want to buy. There is another reason. It sounds like your mother has not expressed her REAL reasons for not wanting to support you in your acting career. Don't misunderstand me though. I don't want to mix in family affairs, but I'm sure she as a mother who cares, has her very valid reasons. So? What do you need to do? You need to first find out why she doesn't support you. You need to find out the real reason. Then if you really want to have a hope to be able to convince her to support you, you have to act like a lawyer does when trying to defend a client and convince the jury that his client is innocent. To do that, the lawyer has to know a lot about the case, do research, ask a lot of questions, read, investigate, probe, interview and just plain try and find out as much information as possible. So here's the question I ask you. How much do you know about what it really means to become an actress? How much do you know about the acting industry, about how long you can expect it to take to start getting acting work, why taking classes is important, how to choose a school, how to audition, about acting techniques and how they work and why they are so important, about what agents do and why they are in business and how you you can have a better chance of getting one, about how to promote yourself as an actress, about how to network, how to put your team together and, and, and...? There's a lot to do and if you have no experience I can tell you that only in a very few cases would it be the right thing to do to go out and try to get an agent first. Have a look at this page on my site for new and aspiring actors. On it you will find 23 links to pages that have to do with various aspects of starting an acting career including two pages on how to convince your parents as well as many of the things I mentioned above in the slew of questions I asked. You will also find pages that give you a list of steps to take to start your career as an actress. Good luck!
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Kaylie Kaylie
try and do something local or take an acting class that puts on a play at the end. Once your mom sees your talent then maybe she'll be more willing to support you.
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Huldah Huldah
i say just sit the moms down and talk to her, tell her you're serious about it, and try to compromise,,,,
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Huldah Originally Answered: Why is my son acting out?
He is looking for attention. Is his father around? His behavior is more common in fatherless boys. 1. Put a sign on his bedroom door NO TV OR VIDEO GAMES UNTIL ALL HOMEWORK AND CHORES ARE DONE. TV AND VIDEO GAMES CAN BE USED FROM 4-6PM ONLY. VIOLATE THIS RULE, AND NO TV FOR A WEEK. 2. Every night, check to see that his HW is done. 3. Set a curfew time, and stick to it. Tell him only ONCE to come inside. If he takes more than 5 minutes, not TV the next evening. 4. Get the names of all his teachers (from the school, not him) and give them all your phone #. Talk to all of them. Talk to him as well about any concerns he may have. 5. Find out who he hangs around with. He may be hanging around with kids from bad households.

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