Mom took away my video games, is this fair?

Mom took away my video games, is this fair? Topic: Mom took away my video games, is this fair?
June 27, 2019 / By Annabeth
Question: My brother got me an Xbox360 like a week ago, and since than I've been playing a lot everyday, I usually play about 6 hours a day. I stopped going out with my friends, and I didn't do homework until late at night when I was done playing. I did however still got all of my homework done, so the games didn't affect my school work at all. Anyways my mom said that I was playing too much, and so she took it away from me. She said that I can have it back, but only if I get at least 4 A's on my report card, and if I promise only to play 30 minutes a day. That is insane, 30 minutes a day only? I can't do that, I need to play my video games, they're just so fun. What can I do about this? Do you think what my mom is doing is fair?
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Wisdom Wisdom | 9 days ago
I don't think any kid should be playing video games six hours a day. That's taking away from any semblance of a social life you should be having at your age. Respect her decision to prevent you from going cross-eyed. Do your homework right after school and then ask her if you can play for a little longer because you're finished. But make it a point to hang out with real people too and she'll be less strict. Better yet, find some friends who want to play video games with you!
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Shane Shane
Your mom is defiantly fair. I only could use my cell phone if I get 5 out of seven classes A's and that I use it only on saturdays for 1 hour and 30 minutes. My cousin was like that when he got his PS2. He played on it for hours. And guess what he failed that year on had to go back to the 4th grade. Now he only can play on Saturdays for 30 minutes.
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Nic Nic
Yes. Video games when played 6 hours a day is just plain unhealthy love, She's probably worried that you are losing your friendships and becoming antisocial. Video games are fun but should be played in moderation- she's just trying to protect your best interests.
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Kit Kit
Six hours is a lot! Your mom is ideal to take the video games away and reduce your utilization. She's searching on your magnificent hobbies. it really is solid that you probably did your homework yet you want to sleep, too. I performed a pastime for 6 hours once after having an extremely undesirable day. I felt like crap after. it really is not solid on your eyes.
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Ibri Ibri
Your mom is being totally fair. She doesnt want you to become a couch potato. Thirty min. a day is plenty for you. Stay focused on school. And remember that you still have friends that you could hang out with.
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Esmund Esmund
I think you guys should talk, but I agree that 30 minutes is too little, but 6 hours is WAY to much, maybe talk and get to an agreement.... to an hour and a half...
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Conor Conor
I might bargain one hour or so a day. She doesn't want you to end up like one of those losers that doesn't have friends or a life because of something so inconvienent and useless like video games.
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Arnie Arnie
Oh gawd - get a life. Your mom can do whatever she wants. You have no "right" to play anything. You should be in your room studying instead of playing video games.
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well... its good to balance yourself, but if you aren't in school, then it should be ok, i saw a guy who would play games non-stop, for every hour he had, he didn't do any homework and only slept on the bus to school. that was bad. but if you can get back to doing your homework and have good grades, i don't think it is a problem

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