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Motivation Please!? Topic: Motivation Please!?
June 27, 2019 / By Allannah
Question: I am a senior in college with the worst case of senioritus. I have huge finals within the next week that I need to work on, but I have absolutely NO MOTIVATION...I have checked out. I just want to graduate already. I should mention that I am normally a very driven person. I am graduating college a year early. I have done internships and taken classes over summer and winter breaks since my freshman year. And I took college credit classes in High School. So what keeps you motivated? What do your friends do to keep themselves motivated? Any Advice PLEASE! I even Deactivated(!!!!) my FACEBOOK (!?!?) I'm not on AIM, not watching TV, and my phone is in a drawer on silent! Music hasn't helped!
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Urijah Urijah | 6 days ago
Sometimes, when motivating myself is not working, like in your case, I find friends who are motivating themselves. For studying, I get a group of friends together and we bunker down in a room with our phones in the other room to avoid texting, but ringer loud in case someone needs to reach us. We avoid going into a room with a television and my friends make me study. We make games with flashcards if vocabulary is needed, or use a template online to make a Jeopardy style game to review. It sounds cheezy but it really shows just how ready you are. Another thing that sounds cheezy, but works, is pretending you are the professor and must teach a lesson on what you need to know. If you can teach it, you know it like the back of your palm. I know these are ways to study, but it helps my friends too. Whenever one of us gets off track, we get together and help out our friend. They remind me that every exam and course and thesis is one step closer to my dream, and graduation of course. And after they whip me down for two hours or so, we usually watch a movie and have pizza for dinner. I know this might not be your style of studying, and it might not be your friends' styles either. Find something that works, and don't force yourself on a cramming session a few days before. You won't focus and you won't retain any of the information. Study for two-three, maybe four hours at a time and take a break. Get a snack, watch a sitcom, or check your email. You have to find a balance between your future life and the life you lead now. Good luck on your exams next week, and I wish you the best. Have a wonderful rest of the year and new chapter of your life. Hope I could help.
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Urijah Originally Answered: how can i get motivation to.?
how about this for motivation: your future employers are looking for people who will get the work done (thoroughly and in a timely manner). you don't think so? if you look at any job application, you will be asked where you went to high school.... they want to know what kind of student you were. by that they will guage you on your performance while working for them. finally, consider this: who will get hired if it came down to a "d" student and an "a" student?

Roderic Roderic
I can kinda sympathize with you. I'm in my 2nd year of college right now, and I'm already burned out. Like you, I'm normally a very driven person, but right now, classes are almost over, it's spring time, and the last place I wanna be stuck all day is in class. What helps me is to take a weekend for myself. Go do something you wouldn't normally do. Act a little crazy (within reason). If you can just get away from everything for a day or two, you'll feel alot better. You can come back revitalized, and, hopefully, with a whole new outlook. If that doesn't work, hey you still had some fun, and you can just stick it out for the last couple weeks. Good luck w/ finals, and I hope I helped.
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Mick Mick
I feel just like you and I'm like everything you said except a Freshman in college and I know exactly how you feel! I'm sick of studying and can't seem to concentrate at all! I don't want to study, but one thing that helps me to study is to turn on my ipod. Once I do that, I'm able to study effectively. I suggest that you buy some tunes, and listen to your cd, mp3, or ipod to help keep you occupied while you study. That's the only thing that helps me, and I used to be so good at studying without anything to motivate me before. Good luck on your exams!
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Judd Judd
my relationship with God....everything that comes my way all the stress and everything I give to him he takes care of me and gives me the will to move on in whatever i am doing...if u feel that ur not doing so well pray and ask him to help u....he will he always does even if its not at the time u will it to be he will make it happen for u....just trust!
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Harold Harold
You should read this blog regularly If you are lacking motivation, then its for you.. http://great-motivational-stories.blogsp... Its good good luck
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Harold Originally Answered: i have no self motivation?
Many of teenagers like yourself, and myself for that matter. Struggle with motivation, if you let this continue BELIEVE ME it can turn into clinical depression. Something i struggled with early in my , high school career. So what i suggest to you is find something or continue to work on something that you really care about. Whether its sports, poetry, reading. ANYTHING. Use your passion for that to fuel your academics. Life is about finding your meaning in life, should you find it, then everything you do is work towards it.

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