My 4 year old boy doesn't want to sit down and write letters, numbers, shapes etc.?

My 4 year old boy doesn't want to sit down and write letters, numbers, shapes etc.? Topic: My 4 year old boy doesn't want to sit down and write letters, numbers, shapes etc.?
June 26, 2019 / By Suse
Question: My 4 year old son knows his alphabet, shapes, colors, counts to 20, but can't get him to sit down and actually write them. He starts preschool in a few weeks- 3 days a week, 3 hours at a time. I dont want him to be behind academically. I am a stay at home Mom, of a 4 year old, and almost 2 year old. I feel like I am failing as a Mom because my son doesn't want to learn. My son is very creative, but likes to play hands on, with cars, trucks,& blocks. My husband feels like we should just be happy, and blessed that we have a son that wants to play, and is healthy and happy. I am worried about him academically. Our son is very athletic, loves to run with me, play soccer, football with his Daddy, but I am so worried about the fact that I cant get him to sit still and focus.
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Randi Randi | 7 days ago
He's a kid, of coarse he doesn't want to learn! I remember when I was that age..the last thing I wanted to do was sit and learn when I was so full of energy and wanted to play. You're not failing, you're doing a good thing,he is just behaving normally. Just make sure you balance play time and work. What my parents did was made up work for me wo practice (letters, numbers,ect) and I wasn't allowed to play until it was done. Helped me a lot. Every parent has their own methods, but just letting you know :)
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Mercia Mercia
Preschool children, especially boys, are not into sitting still and focusing on academic work at age 4. Boys often develop an interest in reading and writing later, grade 1 or so. If it is a good preschool, he will be learning through play. He will not be expected to sit down and focus or do academic work, other than perhaps a short circle time with his class. If he's creative, playing with cars, trucks, and blocks, he IS learning. He's learning lots of skills that he will need for academics later on. Just keep a writing/drawing/art centre with supplies ready for him when he's interested. He should have free access to different kinds of paper, glue, markers, pencils, scissors, paint and paintbrushes, etc. Using those will prepare him for writing later.
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Lenore Lenore
I would usually recommend books and a chalkboard (which is how I taught my daughter her letters and numbers, but since she won't sit still, you should try this. Children learn by what their parents do. A good way to teach colors and numbers is to use them all the time. For example when getting her dressed in the morning, talk about her blue jeans, purple shirt, white socks and white shoes. Count things constantly. One shoe, Two shoes. When making dinner, count out the number of potatoes you're peeling. The same goes for shapes. The pizza is a circle, the cat's ears are triangles. This way she doesn't have to sit still, and she's learning all the time.
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Jools Jools
You should not worry about this. This is perfectly normal. Have you tried teaching him these thing while playing in the computer. That might get his interest. And then you could do it both in the computer and on paper. Educational games for: Learning the alphabet, learning the numbers, learning the colors, learning the shapes, learn how to count, learn adjectives and many more. Fun, Colorful and kid-friendly site. Play educational learning games for as little as 5 minutes per day, practice makes perfect. Source(s):
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Genna Genna
You're doing a great job, so what if he doesn't want to sit down and write, he is 4 years old. My eldest daughter wasn't interested in sitting down and writing at that age and she's just passed all her exams with excellent grades and going on to do A levels in maths, english, biology, chemistry and pre clinical.
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Delicia Delicia
That is absolutely fine, it probably just does not interest him at the moment but he will almost certainly learn when he goes to pre-school. They have lots of writing/drawing activities at that age and will sit and help him as much as he needs They will also turn it into a game so it's fun :)
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