My daughter has a problem completing to her school work.?

My daughter has a problem completing to her school work.? Topic: My daughter has a problem completing to her school work.?
June 18, 2019 / By Ariana
Question: In school, her teachers for the last three years since kindergarten have told us she will start doing it while they are standing next to her and when they walk away she will stop doing the work. We have the same problem at home, my wife has to sit there with her every second and keep pushing her to finish the work. We try explaining to her how important it is to finish your work and the quicker you do it the more time you have to play and do the things she wants. We don’t know what else we can do to get her to want to do her work. Has anyone out there ever been successful overcoming this problem?
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Zander Zander | 6 days ago
When i was little, i had the same problem. My parents and my teacher set up a helpful system that encouraged me to finish my work. My parents and i made a list of things that i like to do every day (for example, go outside, play on computer). If i didn't finish my homework, I would not be able to do those things for a day or two. I also made a list of things that I would be rewarded with if i finished all my homework for a week or so. (for example, go out to eat, go to the park, maybe a new toy). This really encouraged me to finish my work in school. I now have no problem with it.
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Sibald Sibald
Well, I can empathize with your situation as my daughter had a similar situation. I started with her teacher and asked if she felt there was something that can help with the lack of interest. She let me know that this was normal but that she was easily distracted at times if she was more challenged at the level of the work. She suggested a local organization that helps build the study habits in small children (Sylvan Learning Center). She also suggested that if this did not work for us that their were teachers that help with tutoring and study habits (one-on-one) in the area and she could help us contact them. Lucky for us that it took 2 months (8 sessions) at Sylvan to help my daughter with this. It was a little costly but the trade off of less heartache and time was worth it. Also, I think that my daughter's confidence in school has improved tremendously. Some parents I know have endured this same problem and jump right into ADD/ADHD diagnosis and medications. I suggest that you start with schoolwork reinforcement and building study skills before you look into ADD/ADHD accusations. She can always use the reinforcement and if it does not work then you can pursue more drastic measures. This is the website for Sylvan. I hope that they can help. Good luck. You are not alone!
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Ofer Ofer
You may try increments; one or two subjects and then a small, monitored break and then another subject and small break, etc. It may be that she feels as if there is too much to do, so she will do just enough to get by. Hopefully, the breaks can be eliminated over time and she will be able to focus for longer intervals.
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Ofer Originally Answered: My daughter is 3 years old; she doesn’t do her work on time.?
It is good that you understand the importance of education but realize she is only 3 like the other answers said. She is at an age where she is asserting her independence and maybe she doesn't want to be told what to do or how to do it. Children are very creative at this age and instead of putting an emphasis on good/bad or pass/fail, it may be a good idea that you just let her do without the evaluation. (Like for example when you said she lost interest when you tried to "force" her but when you left her alone she did it better.) At this point in her development she is at a stage psychsocial theorist call "autonomy vs. shame and doubt" If everyone is telling her she is "failing" especially at 3 years of age, she may become irrational about expectations of her from the people around her or may know how to do something, what to do, know the correct answer, etc. but because of fear in failing she will disengage (like you said she was doing). I think you should focus less on evaluating her work and more on letting her explore different projects and however she does them, then accept it. You can use a different evaluation process whereby instead of using "good/bad" evaluation you can just repeat what she has done like "You colored the whole inside of the object!" Avoiding words like "good/bad" leads them not to look at others for evaluative measure of their work and gives them the chance to learn how to evaluate it themselves. I am learning this in my environments for young children class working in a nursery where we are forbidden to say "Good job" and things like that. I think it is a good idea in theory but not sure how well it will work because of course our world is built up on being evaluated by someone else but I think it may be a good practice.

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