My friend insulted me just now on the phone!?

My friend insulted me just now on the phone!? Topic: My friend insulted me just now on the phone!?
June 18, 2019 / By Adeline
Question: We are going to be marching in the band tomorrow for a parade. The girls have to wear their hair in a ponytail or braided. I was going to put my hair in a side ponytail and curl it, leave my bangs out. I did that like one time for a band concert. I told my friend how I was going to do my hair about 30 minutes ago, and she said "I don't like your hair in a side ponytail, it doesn't look so good..." I was shocked i was like omg did she just say what i think she said. I don't want to give that b*tch a ride to school tomorrow but it's too late cuz i said i would before that. Now what? Should i still do my hair like that, cuz I don't like my hair braided. Hey guys thanks for all the advice. Here's my opinion on what she said. I think she may be jealous because her hair is too short to do anything with it. She gets on my last nerves and when the phone rings I know it's going to be her so sometimes I feel like ignoring it everything was going fine and it's not like her to say something like that to me, ever. I know that wasn't a tip, that was her basically telling me I looked bad like that, but i don't give a f*ck what she says about my hair. How she said it made me want to scream at her! I cannot believe she said that. No I'm not going to take a pill it just really hurt coming from her. This time she hurt my feeling by telling me about my looks. I'm me and happy with it I don't need her to judge me like that. She's done worse things to me including hitting me really hard, using me for homework, wanting to take home a brand new purse of mine home. She is so annyoning wait till i tell my close friend tomorrow at school who doesn't like her
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Ted Ted | 3 days ago
Yeah, do your hair like that. If she doesn't like it who cares. Its your hair. I still would.
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Ted Originally Answered: My friend never answers the phone?
This probably isn't a big deal, he is likely just very busy. Try talking to him in real life for a change. If he avoids you then you may have a problem.

Pharaoh Pharaoh
just do what feels right to you. she's probably jealous or something. dont bother about what other people thhink about you. bother what you think about yourself. :)
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Lynton Lynton
Well I don't know you but if your friend had the guts to tell you that its probably because she doesn't want people making fun of you. So there is no reason to call her a b*tch. She's just being a good friend. Try keeping your bangs down and parted to the side and your hair in a pony tail i find that to be very cute. Or if u have layered hair u could keep the top layer down and comb it over to one side of your head and bobbing pin it where you think it looks best then put your hair In a pony tail. That's what I'd do. But do what you want its your body and its your decision.
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Jeffrey Jeffrey
YES SOPHIA! do your hair how u said first, and that way you will prove to her that her comment did not even bother you. Even though you are tempted not to give her a ride, you now have to go through with it because it is too late. Now you will come out smelling like a rose!
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Garret Garret
shes being a good friend and trying to keep you from making a fool of yourself but it shouldnt concern her and so she could have worded it nicer like " your hair looks so nice when its' straight" i read that ur 14 and so am i and sometimes i make the stupidest decisions and get mad over crazy ish but its not worth it do what you want to do and show that b*tch up in ur pro pic you look really pretty and so i think that you can make it work
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