My girlfriend loves teaching but hates her current kindergarten teaching job.?

My girlfriend loves teaching but hates her current kindergarten teaching job.? Topic: My girlfriend loves teaching but hates her current kindergarten teaching job.?
June 26, 2019 / By Tess
Question: My Girlfriend has been teaching for 1yr. She loves teaching but she is so upset. A kid in her class is terrible.He comes from a bad home but he is probably autistic but the school won't test him until she does interventions. He has been held back already, hits &scratches kids, throws crayons chairs etc. If she calls the office they don't punish and sometimes don't even come down. They basically just tell her that she has lost control. She also works so hard on things &administration tells her that she isn't doing good &her things are "too cute". The other teachers tell her she is so great but the office doesn't think so. She is 1st one there &it breaks her heart when they tell her that stuff. She is expected to get these 5yr olds to read & write paragraphs(& they are!) when she is being abused by one kid &she can't be creative. What can she do? She is in a 3yr contract and feels stuck at this school but wants to try another before quiting. She can't go on like this, she is miserable.
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Rosalind Rosalind | 6 days ago
Teaching KG is not easy as when they first enter the classroom at the beginning of the year, they are missing their parents & homes and all their emotions come out. The important thing is for her to distract them from this by giving them exciting activities like sing-songs and videos, till they get settled in class, and gradually work from there. If, she is getting a new class each year, she will face the same thing, but be a little more experienced as to what to expect. If she goes up to the next level with her previous students- from K1 to KG2 she will find it easier as they will now know the routine and will be familiar with her and vice versa, thus; you saying 'she wants to try another year'. It does get easier with experience. She can could request she moves up a level with her students or stick to the next KG bunch and ask to move up with them. She is not alone, many KG teachers I know, feel the same.
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Morgana Morgana
Maybe she should teach older children. But that won't help her situation this year. Hmmmmm..... She needs to get her union rep in to help her. Tell her to find out who the building rep is and have her explain the lack of support from the administration. Also, she should go to the special education director at her board of education. THAT usually gets the ball rolling. Oh, and the interventions, just tell her to "fudge" the documentation. Backdate forms, etc. to show he's been helped all she can help him. You KNOW she has already; she just probably hasn't done any paperwork on it. And, let's face it, in the US, paperwork IS special education. Again, board of ed, building rep, union rep. Scares the pants off the school administration every time!!!! Good luck - and DON'T GIVE UP!!!
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Livvy Livvy
She is bound contractually until the 3years is up. My advice is finish up the contract, but in the meantime start looking for other teaching opportunities. She can even teach part-time now as an online tutor. The hours are flexible and the pay is decent. Try: , , etc.. Hope this helps.
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Karina Karina
I hear that the first year is the hardest. If this is something that she truly loves, then I would tell her to hang in there. I also recommend reading "The Seven Laws of a Learner"
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