My little brother needs help on his homework?

My little brother needs help on his homework? Topic: My little brother needs help on his homework?
June 19, 2019 / By Victoria
Question: My little brother needs help on his homework. I'm kind of confused, today I'm not that bright. lol I think the answer is number 1 Am i right? Which shows the given values in ascending order? a= 3.6 b= -5.5 c=3 4/5 d= -5 2/3 btw c and d are mixed fractions 1)b, d, a, c 2)d, b, a, c 3)d, b, c, a 4)b, d, c, a Thanks so much!
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Shana Shana | 7 days ago
Put them all in the same format and it becomes much easier. 3.6 is 3 9/30, 5.5 is 5 15/30, 3 4/5 is 3 24/30 and 5 2/3 is 5 20/30 B and D are both negatives, so they will be at the head of the line but you'll have to help him figure out which comes first. Show your brother how you arrived at the fractions and then have him line them up, cognizant of the fact that two are positive numbers and two are negative numbers.
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Shana Originally Answered: My brother needs help with his homework?
it looks like that the class wants him to know that x if inverted to form the column in 1/x... so what he needs to do is to see what's in the x column and then invert it to fill the 1/x column. and if you have a fraction, you just invert the fraction... ie. 1/2 invereted became 1 / (1/2) which is equal to 2... good luck

Oona Oona
It's 2 because -5 2/3 is -5.67 repeating and 3 4/5 is 3.8 So the order would be -5 2/3, -5.5, 3.6, and 3 4/5
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Magdalene Magdalene
remember that "left is less" so the number that is the farthest to the left on the number line (regardless of if it's positive or negative" will be the smallest. first, convert the fractions to decimals. a = 3.6 b = -5.5 c = 3.8 (because that is 4 divided by 5 or also 8 tenths) d = -5.6666666666666666666666666666666666 so, if "left is less,"and we are putting them in ascending order (which means smallest, getting larger), then d is the smallest b is the next largest a is the next largest, and c is the largest so choice 2) is correct
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Kerstin Kerstin
2/3 is 4/6 , .5 is 1/2 is 3/6 3 4/5 is 3 8/10 is 3.8 -5 2/3 , -5.5 , 3.6 , 3 4/5 d,b,a,c, so answer is 2
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Jaden Jaden
It's number 3, 3)d, b, c, a This is because -5 3/4 is -5.6 and b, -5.5, is lower of course. and then c, 3 4/5 is 3.8 and a is 3.6 so 3 4/5 is bigger so the answer is d, b, c, a
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Emilee Emilee
Ans: 2 Solution: (change the mixed fraction to a whole no.) c=3x5+4 = 19/5 = 3.8 d=-5x3+2 = -17/3 = -5.67 Clearly show that smallest is d, follow by b, a and c.
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Emilee Originally Answered: Can anyone help me in completing my brother's homework please.?
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