my mom wont let me do my eyebrows?

my mom wont let me do my eyebrows? Topic: my mom wont let me do my eyebrows?
June 19, 2019 / By Tiphanie
Question: Nooo this isn't the typical "omggg im like 10 and she wont let me and im blond so it doesnt show but stil!!1!" alright anyway lets start with some background information I'm freaking 14, a freshman, I'm Muslim (meaning I can't do them) and Afghan (meaning they should be thin as graphite lead) and I literally just waxed my mustache off. I'm taking advanced classes and an AP class but she still said no. I've been asking since 7th grade. I have cried. I have told her that people make fun of me. I have told that i do not feel good about myself. I have told her that i got a 94 on my exam. I have told her that im saving money for college because of my AP course. I have told her that i hate myself. I have told her that I look like a boy. Literally it's so embarrassing. We went to a party once and all my sisters have done eyebrows and someone was complimenting them and went down in a row and when she came to me her expression faltered and wrinkled in disgust. Everyone thinks I'm indian or something. I legit look like Kendall Jenner + Bethany Mota except with nasty eyebrows. I can't even do my unibrow. I was thinking of writing an essay but she can't read english well and I'm not an extremely fluent Pashto speaker. I look so weird and ew my eyes are small and then i have caterpillar brows. During art, we had to draw a self portrait and I couldnt even look at myself in the mirror without feeling disgusted and sorry for sounding over dramatic but it's the truth im not gonna try and sound normal for a minute. My mother is hairless she doesn't understand how i feel. And she was never into beauty or looking pretty when she was younger. I wear a hijab to school it's not like someone is going to see my eyebrows and want to go out with me, they're just formyself. And i know we're not allowed to Islamic-ly but there's an exception for if they resemble a man's. And mine do. Please suggest something i have tried everything and no i am not doing them by myself under any circumstances i want her permission. Oh and my sister did hers and found herself a boyfriend so my mom doesnt want us to "get pretty". and my other sister, she told her she could do them but when she actually did them, she was looked down upon and my mom said she looked like a sl*t. And my other sister the oldest did them in 6th grade by herself and my mom still worships her And my mom says "be grateful you have eyes" or "some people don't even have this or that" yeah well i have eyes so i want to see myself as a well groomed person??? AP classes has everything to do with it my mother is like a 50 yr old Malala Yousefzai why is it that when i get on the principals list or high honor roll, my dad gives me money its the same thing basically a reward there is no objection in removing the hair from eyebrows and face so long as it does not cause one to resemble a effeminate
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Roz Roz | 6 days ago
Talk to your dad about it maybe? Get his perspective on what he thinks about his other daughters doing their eyebrows? You haven't mentioned what your dad thinks of all this...just your moms. So I would suggest maybe asking him. Or try and see if you can get one of your sisters to convince your mom to let you do your eyebrows?
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Natisha Natisha
Look, try and learn to embrace your Bert & Eernies (eyebrows of the muppets) I am NOT trying to be mean but at the same time there could really be MUCH worse things going on in your life so just try and relax, it's not like you have ever done them before anyway so just respect your mom and be patient, you will get older and within a few short years it will be no problem at all for you to do them ok? I know how Muslim families can be in America and its an extremely difficult situation esp. for a girl. So just toughen up and hang in there, if you need a friend just hit me up. I'm sure that you are more than likely over thinking how bad they look anyway because you want them done so bad. I hope this gave you a few words of encouragement in these tough times for you.
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Lorrie Lorrie
My dear, Your Mother simply wants to protect you. I know it seems impossible and overprotective to you right now and will seem so for several more years. You must realize that you are an attractive young woman who's body and mind is saying, "I want and need independance, now!" Neither your body nor brain are physiologically sufficiently developed for the independance you so deeply desire. Did you know that the frontal cortex of the brain is not fully developed until the age of 25??? That is the part that influences impulse control. Mull that over a while. Hmmm. I agree that a unibrow bush is not attractive above the eyes (or anywhere), but you have a lot of time to be beautiful AND well-groomed. I know... your sisters, but maybe that's why Mom says "NO". Besides, she might know something you don't. Be patient, I know it's hard, but try. She'll give in before you know it!
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Kathie Kathie
ok u have serious self esteem issues, i get that u have a unibrow and you would want to get rid of that, its fine, getting the CENTER of your eyebrows done, the area above your nose, is ok, BUT u cannot do any other part of the eyebrow, that is not allowed in Islam. Tell your mom Islam does not encourage a woman to feel like a man, in reality if the unibrow makes u feel like a man, u can get that part waxed off, but you cannot shape any other part. If your mom doesnt want you to do it then it probably is because you're too persistent about it that she thinks your going to take that freedom of getting your eyebrows done and doing something worse, u never know. And taking AP classes really has nothing to do with getting your eyebrows done, religion and education TOGETHER should not be a factor of this decision. good luck on making the right decision Inshallah, and obviously this is a reminder to myself first and foremost
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Henrietta Henrietta
Ive had a similar problem. Im of Cuban parents. So the rule is once youre 15, you can do your eyebrows, wear makeup, SHAVE YOUR LEGS, wear heels.. stuff like that. I started doing that a bit earlier just to prepare for my quinceanera (sweet 15) i know how hard it was to deal with people making fun of you because youre hairy. Tell your mom that eventually youre gonna have to grow up and 14 is the appropriate age to start doing little things like that. don't worry, it was very hard to convince my mom to let me do that. Or tell your mom that all you want is a clean up which means they wont shape your brows but they wont be as hairy or wont be a unibrow. Trust me, im mistaken for an Arab or an Indian. But you have to understand that your family has their customs. Tell your mom that it isn't fair that your sister was able to wax her eyebrows and you aren't. For pete's sake, youre 14!
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