My science teacher told me I was incredibly brave?

My science teacher told me I was incredibly brave? Topic: My science teacher told me I was incredibly brave?
June 24, 2019 / By Angellina
Question: I love science and I like my science teacher--she says I have a knack for finding the smallest but very important details. I noticed that women will drop, discharge, flake off or just plain fall off particles from their neither regions while going on about their days. It's not as easy as you would think to track this kind of stuff, but I did. My teacher said I should write a 'thesis' if you will on my findings. I have over 100 samples of mysterious particles that fell off and out of womens privates. some are easy to detect, some I have in vials, some in plastic baggy labeled "evidence" Now, I know what you all want to know--but I cant answer that just yet. In closing, yes, women drop more than 3 times as much as men, this due to the other opening they have down there. Tomorrow we will talk race --I will tell you which race leaves behind ;largest particle foot prints.
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Willoughby Willoughby | 6 days ago
you must be Japanese, they are into weird shixt like that. in japan you can even buy used woman under guchies from vending machines. also in Japan people like to poop and pee on each other. you should try that for an experiment go and pee on your teachers leg.
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Willoughby Originally Answered: I told my teacher i hate her.?
Being a teacher myself I find it important to memorize the names of all my students and try my best to actively involve all students of different intellectual levels. From what you are saying in your version of the story it seems your teacher may seem a bit unprofessional, however it is important to still be respectful to your teachers. Saying comments such as remember my man and that will not help your case. Make yourself seem to be the mature one.
Willoughby Originally Answered: I told my teacher i hate her.?
You said that you act cold and just stare at her in a mean and scary way. You said you were jealous of the smart and funny kids. It seems to me that the problem started with you and how you acted. You said you kept being mean to her. You did not say anything about her behavior other than she couldn't remember your name. You did not say she was mean to you. You did not prove that she was unfair. I'm not saying she was fair just that you haven't proven she wasn't. You said she gave the smart kids complaints. I'm assuming you meant compliments. Why would she compliment someone who acts cold and treats her mean? You haven't proven yet that she was mean to you. You only had the names of 9 teachers to memorize. If your teacher's class sizes were similar to mine when I taught middle school she probably had close to 100 to memorize. That is a big difference. I would occasionally forget or mispronounce a students name even if I had taught them most of the year. That isn't mean or unprofessional. That is human. You said that when you told her how you feel she started acting nice towards you. It seems to me that she wasn't aware before then of what your feelings were. As for how you should act next year-nice. In 40+ years of living I have found that what you give out is what you usually get back. So if you want to be treated nice be nice. There are some people that won't work on but for most it does. If someone chooses to act mean or nasty to you, remember this. You are in control of how you act. Don't let someone else's mean behavior influence you to be mean.

Seir Seir
I think you would enjoy helping out Abby on NCIS. Become a criminologist and put all these skills into good use, and make a good living at it.
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Neill Neill
That was certainly brave. First to make the observations, and then to share the results. You gotta love science. And today is Teacher Appreciation days, so let her know you appreciate her support.
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Neill Originally Answered: BA or BS to become a science teacher?
BA's are more liebral arts based - BS's are subject based. If you click on each program you will see a sample course plan - they are geared to supplying you with education courses as well as science knowledge. you will have certification after the entire program as they are written. the difference is simply based in the department offering the coursework. Whenever you have such a program, you must have an advisor - each department supplies their own and crafts a series that will give you the proper unit amount to cover state specific rules. btw - your program is designed to give you GA certification...

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