Need an excuse to get my friend to come over?

Need an excuse to get my friend to come over? Topic: Need an excuse to get my friend to come over?
June 24, 2019 / By Absalom
Question: So my friend cuts herself so I told my mom and she's going over to tell her parents. However; she needs my friend out of the house. I tried to call her to get her to come over but she said she can't because she has two much homework. I really need to get her per here but can't think of a good enough excuse. P.S we r not in the same grade or school so I can't say I need help with homework. Please help! I need something that I can't talk to her on the phone about, by the way
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Sondra Sondra | 2 days ago
First of all, you are a good friend!!! When her parents find out, it may be embarrassing for your friend, or she may even feel like she's in trouble, but continue to stand by her and constantly affirm her that you care for her and just want her to get better. Getting her over---just don't let her seem like she has a choice. Tell her firmly (and lovingly), "I know you've got homework tonight, but you are coming over to my house tonight. Bring your homework, bring whatever, but you will be bringing yourself :-)" Since she is SH-ing right now I assume she's got a few issues, so you can say something along the lines of, "I know you're going through a tough time right now, and as your friend I insist on your company tonight." or something of the sort. I know it may sound a little direct, but many people really like to be told what to do sometimes and since she seems kind of depressed, I strongly suspect she will be relieved to have the decision made for her. I've struggled with the same issue as your friend and when you're in that frame of mind, good friends like you who are willing to take on the scary issues head-on are HEROS. Please update us on how it goes. My thoughts/prayers will be with your families.
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Sondra Originally Answered: good excuse to tell this girl? 10 POINTS FOR THE BEST EXCUSE!?
EXCUSES: (im good at this) 1. YOU:"I'm really sorry but I have to cancel our plans. I have WAAAAY too much homework from mrs/mr _______. They are so unfair!" 2. YOU: "My mom/dad/guardian just grounded me for backtalking (or ________). :( I'm sorry that I cant go anymore." 3. YOU: "I swear I didn't do this on purpose but my mom/dad/guardian made plans to spend more time with each other and my mom/dad/guardian cleared his/her plans for me and I couldn't tell them to there face I didn't want to go or that I had other plans." 4. YOU: "Oh my gosh! I totally forgot! I'm really, REALLY, REALLLYYY sorry but I was suppose to babysit today for my nextdoor neighbor/ friends mom. I totally forgot about it! I remember the lady asked me to babysit her kid(s) a week ago. I'm really sorry!" 5. YOU: "I'mmmmm siiiiiiiiiiccckkk *cough-cough*"

Poppy Poppy
Tell your friend you want to hang out, and since she has too much homework just offer to help her anyways... Or say you need help. And by hang out, here are some excuses: - You are feeling down, and you want someone to talk to, comfort - You need advice on relationships - Ask help because you need help cleaning your room. (Say you can do homework at your house.) Good luck.
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Maudie Maudie
Tell her to bring her homework over to your house. Tell her you are feeling lonely and would like her to come over, maybe even invite her to stay the night. Then after homework you guys can hang out together. Sounds like a win win to me!
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Latanya Latanya
1. tell her there is something you really need to talk to her about 2. tell her your going on a date and you need her to help you pick out some clothes 3. Ask her to make cookies with you
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Jessi Jessi
tell them the very fact approximately your mothers and fathers, then you definitely wont could keep mendacity many times on your acquaintances. young infants understand approximately mothers and fathers being jerks approximately issues like this~ I had pals that i could not pass to their homestead for the comparable reason. you're continually greater suitable off telling the very fact, then mendacity~ your acquaintances would desire to be harm and disapointed in you in the event that they found out you have been mendacity to all of them alongside approximately this, rather of questioning they have been cool adequate to look after the very fact.
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Jessi Originally Answered: best excuse.?
Haha have a parent write a letter and be like, so-and-so died. I cant do my homework. lol. idk. just an idea? Or just tell her you left it in your locker. There isnt much she can do, is there? Is there any way you can get it from your locker NOW? Idk, I doubt it, though.

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