July 16, 2019 / By Salome
Question: My mom is traveling to Israel in a couple of weeks & will be there for 9 mos. I want to get her something special she can use on her long flight or while she's there for that long period of time. Something creative or personal.. I just can't think of anything! I thought of even things she can put in her room to make her feel more at home but just can't pin point a specific item. SUGGESTIONS! PLEASE!
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Nikki Nikki | 6 days ago
Write her notes of special memories and put them in pockets of sweaters or coats, in the toes of her shoes, in her books or bible. A favorite picture and the memory you have of when it was taken. Make her a favorite snack that you did together and pack it for her flight. Write in a journal a favorite memory from your point of view with instructions for her to write next to it her favorite memory of the same event. Let her know how much you will miss her. Buy her a quote a day desk calendar and mark it from the day she leaves till she returns. I think chicken soup for the soul has one. A hallmark store or a bookstore should have one. Good luck. You sound like a good child for a mom to have.
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Lynna Lynna
Take pictures of every room in the house (if case she is homesick) picture of everyone in the family seperate and all together with her (in case she misses you) and put it in a scrapbook with "Home" on the cover. If there is an old childhood story she used to tell you, get a recorder and have everyone in the family tell a part. At the end say for example "Another ending to this story is that Snow White went off to Isreal. At first the family was sad, but they realized it would be a great experience for her. So Snow White left, and all the family stayed, their welcoming hearts waiting for her to return. We love you." Hope this helps.
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Keeleigh Keeleigh
What about a journal that she can use to write about her experience in Israel and you could make it personal to her by making a decoupage, collage cover for it? Don't forget to buy her a nice pen as well!
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Ilean Ilean
well you could get her an ipad, ipod, or something to do on the plane! make her a big box of memories of you guys together, she when she misses you in Israel she can look at it! get her a lock it with pictures of you guys in it! hah hope i helped!!!
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