Need help defining my style. I have so many facets to my personality?

Need help defining my style. I have so many facets to my personality? Topic: Need help defining my style. I have so many facets to my personality?
June 19, 2019 / By Tania
Question: OK, so... clothing has always been somewhat of an issue for me. I have yet to find a style of clothing that I feel represents who I am or at least as much as clothing can do so... anyway, here are some facts about me and my personality, what I like/value, etc. I would LOVE if you could help me understand my style and also recommend some stores that might carry style? Thanks! - I love looking at/being in/being around/thinking about nature! I love to take walks, run, swim, hike, bike, and garden. I could easily spend all day outside. Due to this love for the environment, I try to buy clothes that are recycled/organic when I can, but they are often crazy expensive... - I think that people, in general, try too hard. In all aspects of life! We create these distractions from our fear of death (hello, religion!) and then get so wrapped up in them that we lose our rationality and all of a sudden it's "me, you; we, them" and that's how wars start! Anyway. People try too hard and lose perspective. Even so, I have a genuine love and acceptance for all people and try to remember that everyone is on their own journey, dealing with their own demons that are not the same as mine. I like to think I am a compassionate person. I try to understand and get to know everyone I meet. - I am fairly quiet. Though I love people, I can only handle them in small doses. I am easily overwhelmed and depressed by being around too many people at once. My inability to adequately connect with people/ the inability of most humans to connect with one another disgusts me. We try so hard but in VAIN! We will never truly understand each other. It kills me. Anyway, I end up spending a fair bit of time reading/being in nature so as to cope with the pain that I experience after being around people. - I have strong opinions, but they are all opinions others have had before me. I am radical, but only in that I believe in love, piece, acceptance, and truth. What a world! That a person such as myself should be considered radical! - I like to read, sing, play guitar, cook, and draw/paint. I also love learning/school, though I could do without homework... :P - I am interested in truth and what it looks like/how it manifests on earth. I often find people unbearably, for lack of a better word, "phony". God, I sound like Holden Caulfield! But, do you know what I mean? Until you really, REALLY, REEEALLLLYYYYY get to know someone, all you're seeing is the mask they show to the world. A compilation of qualities they think the world will find appealing. And even when you do really know someone, you STILL find yourself faced with the mask! It's thinner, almost translucent, but still there. And that's not to mention your OWN mask! Do you ever wish people could see exactly who you really are, in al your complexity and multidimensionality? And you TRY to express yourself, but your attempts keep falling short! - And amid all this existential, contemplative craziness, I like to have fun. Good old fashioned fun. I love to bake pies, I love jumping into lakes, I love singing SO LOUD into open fields, I love good laughs with good friends and hot tea by the fireside. I know how to let loose, but not too loose... - I don't drink, do drugs, or do gross things with gross guys. I'm normal...ish. -I love animals. I love trees. I love love. I love all things natural and true! So... after all that, I guess my question is: how does one dress in a way that is natural and true in a world where I can be SURE that everything I buy comes from a sweatshop, contains toxic chemicals, and is just an anathema to life in every way? Bright colors, unnatural designs, etc.? The organic/natural stuff is SOOOO expensive, and some of the "alternative" stuff is attention-seeking in its "differentness" if you know what I mean. I don't want to look like a barbie doll. I don't want to look emo. I don't want to look like a stoner/hippie. I find it difficult to find clothes that say what I want to say about myself. How would you shop for a style that is: thoughtful-natural-feminine-elegant-eart... Sorry for this ramble-fest. As I read it over, I am realizing how this post is a prime example of human beings' unrelenting desire to put themselves into boxes. And we will never succeed, because we are more complex than that! Our stories are not written in black in white, or even in words for that matter! But even so, could you try, try against all odds to put into words what you think someone like me should wear to feel like herself? Oh, and I'm 15, a girl (if you didn't pick that up), 5'2'', with a small-medium frame. Thank you and have a beautiful life.
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Rickena Rickena | 9 days ago
I think a bohemian style best fits you. You seem like a free spirit, but not too far into the hippie direction. Bohemian style is very earthy, flowing, and can look nicely put together if paired properly. Ex. If you go to the mall, a unique store that I think you will like is Anthropologie.
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Lillia Lillia
ok so i have no idea how to answer this sorry, but i just wanted to say that i sure wish i had a friend like you, i completely agree with your opinions about the "mask" and all that. I always find myself thinking if im acting myself or not or if im just acting a certain way for others.....anyway, sorry i dont know how to answer your question...haha but i just wanted to say you sound like an amazing person!! later:)
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